1st Edition

Innovation Research in Technology and Engineering Management A Philosophical Approach

By Marc J. de Vries Copyright 2021

    Philosophy may not seem to be an obvious source to discover methods for successful product innovation management. However, this book shows that systematic reflection on the nature of product innovation management, supported by insights from the philosophy of technology, can illuminate the innovation process in technology and engineering.

    Presenting methodological guidelines and philosophical reflections, this book guides readers through each phase of product innovation. At each step, ideas from the philosophy of technology are translated into practical guidelines for managing these processes. The book works through the philosophical perspectives on innovation, methods in innovation design and research, and the value and ethical implications of innovation.

    Bridging the gap between philosophical context and practical methodologies, this book will be highly valuable for postgraduate students and academics researching and teaching innovation and philosophy of technology.

      1. Introduction

      2. Philosophical Perspectives on Innovation

      3. The Social Dimension of Technology and Engineering

      4. Requirements and Constraints in Innovation Design: The Early Phase

      5. Methods in Innovation Design: Developing the Product

      6. Innovation, Product Design and Research

      7. Assessing the Value, Ethical Implications and Impact of Innovation


    Marc J. de Vries is Professor of Christian Philosophy of Technology and Professor of Science Education, both at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. He is also the co-author of Philosophy of Technology: An Introduction for Technology and Business Students (Routledge, 2016).

    "A very useful book connecting two apparently very different areas: philosophy of technology and innovation."

    Voicu Ion Sucala, Associate Professor in Engineering Management, University of Exeter, UK