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Innovation and Application of Engineering Technology
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Engineering Technology and Application (ISETA 2017), May 25-28, 2017, Montreal, Canada

ISBN 9781138050570
Published August 9, 2017 by CRC Press
226 Pages

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Book Description

Innovation and Application of Engineering Technology contains the proceeding of International Symposium of Engineering Technology and Application Convocation (ISETA 2017, 25-28 May 2017, Montreal, Canada). The Symposium provided an international forum for discussion and communication of engineering technology and application of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mining Engineering, Risk and Occupational Engineering and other fields related to engineering.

Sponsored by Concordia University, International Joint Research Laboratory of Henan Province for Underground Space Development, Henan Polytechnic University and IJSS, Innovation and Application of Engineering Technology will be useful for researchers, engineers and graduate and Ph.D. students in related Engineering fields.


Table of Contents

Practical model of 3D free-surface flow
S. Kang

Evaluation of structural complexity and optimization of permeability coefficient based on fractal theory
H. Xu, Y. Mu & H. Qiu

Occupational adaptation-related safety, a literature review of China till 2014
X. Lin, S. Song & H. Zhai

Application of field test on gas drainage by long-distance bedding directional borehole
W. Qiao

Research on the ground pressure features of longwall top coal caving working face in extra-thick coal seam
C. Liu, H. Li, W. Wang, D. Jiang, W. Chen

Experimental study on the pressure compensation method for mine-used infrared methane sensor
J. Cao

Experimental study on the impact dynamic effect of coal-gas two-phase flow in the outburst process
L. Dai, X. Zhao, J. Cao & D. Sun

Roof-caving regularity study of a fully mechanized large-cutting-height face
S. Guo, K. Zhong, Q. Liu, S. Chen, N. Liu & G. Wu

Flotation mechanism of octylic hydroxamic acid on apatite
A. Liu, S. Liu, W. Yao, D. Nie, Z. Wang, Q. Yue, L. Chai & D. Sun

Evolutionary game and simulation analysis of rent-seeking behavior in real estate development
K. Hong, D. Sun, W. Yao, S. Liu & L. Chai

Preparation of activating MnO2 from light manganese
S. Liu, W. Yao, Q. Yue, L. Chai, D. Sun & A. Liu

Steklov eigenvalue problem and finite-element approximation
L. Sun

Growth and nutrient degradation characteristics of an aerobic denitrifying bacterium
L. Sun, W.-p. Cao, S.-h. Huang, H.-f. Zhang & Y. Li

Study on the treatment of upper corner gas based on the roof-drilling holes
M. Qin

Pseudo-seismic imaging system in watery goaf detection using transient electromagnetic method
H. Qiu, Y. Mu, H. Xu & Z. Shu

Integrated prevention and control technologies of coal mine goaf water disaster in Linfen mining area
W. Li, Z. Shu, Y. Lian & J. Li

An experimental study of loading rate effects on mechanical characteristics of cemented paste backfill
Y.G. Li, L.Z. Jin, H. Tan & Y.D. Li

Research on basic characteristics of soft coal geological mechanics simulation of solid-gas coupling similar materials
S.Q. He, L.Z. Jin, Y.D. Li, Y.G. Li, Y. Lu & X.Q. He

Discussion on the construction technology of the shield machine across Yong River
L. Ma, G. Xiao, X. Ding & Y. Ren

Research on the plane flange sealing structure with knife edge
H.X. An, Z.Y. Bi, X.G. Liu & X.Y. Wang

A top-down design method of a model-based definition and its application in an engineering system
L. Wang, X. Huang, W. Tang & L. Wei

Optimization analysis based on Ventsim of PG.4 ventilation in later reformation scheme
M.W. Xu & L.Z. Jin

Microgrid network scheduling using a binary artificial bee colony algorithm
Y. Shao, L. Tian, J. Zhang & X. Li

A study on permeability characteristics of coal samples for soft coal and its similar materials
S.Q. He, C. Zhang, T. Le & L.Z. Jin

A study on the relationship between security and investment in education and accidents by combining the Cobb–Douglas production function
Y. Zhang & F. Jiang

The size effect on the axial behavior of RC square columns wrapped with CFRPs
M. Liang, Z.-y. Mei, X.-g. Song, S.-h. Chu, S.-c. Li, X. Bi, M.-h. Li & W. Wang

A study on new air supply terminals in mine fires
K. Li, Y. Shu, C. Liu, X.Y. Xie & G.D. Mei

Analysis of new air supply terminals on the fire smoke distribution in tunnels
K. Li, C. Liu, Y. Shu, X.Y. Xie & G.D. Mei

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Avon Pekano Oscar is Professor in the Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering department of Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. He served as Chair of the Civil Engineerining Department during 1989-1994. His research interests are structural dynamics and the earthquake resistant design of buildings.

Wenxue Chen completed his PhD in Safety and Technology Engineering at China University of Mining and Technology in Beijing, China, in 2010 and was a Postdoctoral fellow in McGill University between 2012-2014. He is currently completing a PhD at  the Department of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering of Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

Shuren Wang is Professor at the School of Civil Engineering, Henan Polytechnic University, China.