1st Edition

Innovation in Music: Cultures and Contexts

    280 Pages 40 B/W Illustrations
    by Focal Press

    280 Pages 40 B/W Illustrations
    by Focal Press

    Innovation in Music: Cultures and Contexts is a groundbreaking collection, bringing together contributions from instructors, researchers and professionals. Split into two sections, covering creative production practices and national/international perspectives, this volume offers truly global outlooks on ever-evolving practices.

    Including chapters on Dolby Atmos, the history of distortion, creativity in the pandemic and remote music collaboration, this is recommended reading for professionals, students and researchers looking for global insights into the fields of music production, music business and music technology.

    Part 1: Creative Production Practice  

    1. Staging Notions of Space: Realising Compositional Intention in 3D and Stereo Record Production  

    Ingvild Koksvik  

    2. Exploring Dolby Atmos: Past Present, and Future  

    Andy Visser, Dan Pratt, Andrew Bourbon  

    3. Introducing the Hyper Near-Field Dolby Atmos Tiny Studio  

    Paul Novotny  

    4. Rap as Composite Auditory Streams: Techniques and Approaches for Chimericity Through Layered Vocal Production in Hip-Hop, and their Aesthetic Implications  

    Kjell Andreas Oddekalv  

     5. Exploring the History of Distortion in Drum and Bass  

    Leigh Shields, Austin Moore, Chris Dewey  

    6. Dynamic Meta-Spatialization: Narrative and Recontextualization Implications of Spatial Stage Stacking  

    Michail Exarchos, Jo Lord  

    7. Vocal Chops: Another Human/Machine Hybrid  

    Ragnhild Brøvig, Jon Marius Aareskjold-Drecker  

     8. “Come together, right now...”: Making Remote Multiparty in-the-Box Audio Mixing a Reality  

    Scott Stickland, Nathan Scott, Rukshan Athauda  

     9. A Creative Methodology for Self-Production   

    Tony Dupé  

    10. Two Production Strategies for Music Synchronisation as Speculative Entrepreneurship  

    Hussein Boon  

     Part 2: National and International Perspectives  

    11. Mobile Classical Music – Recording, Innovation, Networks and Mediatization: Three Swedish Case Studies from the 1940s to 2021  

    Toivo Burlin  

    12. “Culture Produces An Industry”: Production and Promotion Strategies of Campus Song Records by Taiwanese Synco Corporation  

    Haoran Jiang  

    13. Business Model Innovation in the Music Industry: A Study of European Songwriters Working Towards China’s Market  

    Liucija Fosseli  

    14. Yellow Music in Diaspora: Re-inventing the Sound of pre-1975 Record Production in Sài Gòn  

    Nguyễn Thanh Thủy, Stefan Östersjö, Matt Wright  

    15. Innovating Music Experiences – Creativity in Pandemic Times  

    Jenny Karlsson, Jessica Edlom, Linda Ryan Bengtsson  

    16. Connecting Across Borders: Communication Tools and Group Practices of Remote Music Collaborators  

    Martin K. Koszolko  

    17. From Master Pieces to Masterpiece: Source Selection and Reformatting During the Republishing Process of Legacy Music Productions  

    Thomas Bårdsen  


    Jan-Olof Gullö is Professor in Music Production at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm, Sweden.

    Russ Hepworth-Sawyer is a lecturer at York St John University. He is lead series editor for the Perspectives on Music Production series and has published many books with Focal Press.

    Justin Paterson is a professor at the University of West London, as well as co-chair of the Innovation in Music conference series.

    Rob Toulson is a professor at the University of West London.