Innovations in Computerized Assessment (Acquisition eBook) book cover

Innovations in Computerized Assessment

Edited by Fritz Drasgow, Julie B. Olson-Buchanan

© 1999 – Psychology Press

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Computerized assessment offers many opportunities for innovations in measurement. In contrast to static paper-and-pencil instruments, computerized assessment can capitalize on the dynamic capabilities of the computer. For example, the difficulty of administered items can be adopted to the ability of the examinee, thus eliminating items that are too hard or too easy. Multimedia computers provide the opportunity to revolutionize assessment. Stereo sound, animation, and full-motion video can be incorporated into assessment tools and aid in the measurement of individual differences ranging from musical skills to interpersonal abilities.

Innovations in Computerized Assessment presents the experiences of leading researchers in computerized assessment. The book places particular emphasis on the dilemmas that were faced by the researchers. Questions addressed include:

* What problems did they confront?

* What were the pros and cons of various options?

* How were dilemmas resolved?

* Were the solutions good ones?

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. J.B. Olson-Buchanan, F. Drasgow, Beyond Bells and Whistles: An Introduction to Computerized Assessment. M.J. Zickar, R.C. Overton, L.R. Taylor, H.J. Harms, The Development of a Computerized Selection System for Computer Programmers in a Financial Services Company. D.O. Segall, K.E. Moreno, Development of the Computerized Adaptive Testing Version of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. B.A. Bergstrom, M.E. Lunz, CAT for Certification and Licensure. G.G. Kingsbury, R.L. Houser, Developing Computerized Adaptive Tests for School Children. C.N. Mills, Development and Introduction of a Computer Adaptive Graduate Record Examinations General Test. T.A. Ackerman, J. Evans, K-S. Park, C. Tamassia, R. Turner, Computer Assessment Using Visual Stimuli: A Test of Dermatological Skin Disorders. W.P. Vispoel, Creating Computerized Adaptive Tests of Music Aptitude: Problems, Solutions, and Future Directions. F. Drasgow, J.B. Olson-Buchanan, P.J. Moberg, Development of an Interactive Video Assessment: Trials and Tribulations. M.A. Hanson, W.C. Borman, H.J. Mogilka, C. Manning, J.W. Hedge, Computerized Assessment of Skill for a Highly Technical Job. W.A. Burroughs, J. Murray, S.S. Wesley, D.R. Medina, S.L. Penn, S.R. Gordon, M. Catello, Easing the Implementation of Behavioral Testing Through Computerization. F. Drasgow, J.B. Olson-Buchanan, Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Some Final Comments on Computerized Assessment.

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