1st Edition

Innovative Materials and Methods for Water Treatment Solutions for Arsenic and Chromium Removal

    492 Pages
    by CRC Press

    488 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Due to increasing demand for potable and irrigation water, water suppliers have to use alternative resources. They either have to regenerate wastewater or deal with contaminated surface water. This book brings together the experiences of various experts in preparing of innovative materials that are selective for arsenic and chromium removal, and inventing some innovative processes to extract these elements from water. The book should be of high interest to engineers and decision-makers responsible for production and delivery of safe water.

    The book is divided into three parts. The first one shows the effect of arsenic and chromium ions on living organisms. The second one presents the studies on preparation of innovative materials with improved affinity towards arsenic as well as chromium. The third part shows the innovative methods for removal of these toxic elements, with special attention paid to chromatographic, membrane, and hybrid systems.

    The book is the first ever scientific work addressed to two most harmful elements appearing in water and provides a comprehensive review of materials and methods useful for making the water safe. The book discusses in detail the various fabrication techniques for sorbents and membranes that are now commercially available or appear in the development stage and will be commercialized in the next decades. Some of the technologies described in the third part will be implemented at the industrial scale in the future as well.

    M.Bryjak, N.Kabay, B.Rivas, J.Bundschuh

    Introduction to the problem of arsenic  and chromium  contaminations

    1 Occurrence and toxicity of arsenic and chomium
    B.Rivas, B.Urbano, S.Koter,  I.Polowczyk, K.Konieczny, A.Figoli, S.Sarkar, E.Jakovleva

    2 The clean water problem – Example on arsenic contamination in the Gangetic Plain of India
    A.Ghosh,  N.Bose

    3 Human health through traces of contaminants in water: structural effects induced by Cr(III) and  Cr(VI) on red cells
    M.Suwalsky, S.Sánchez, M.J.Gallardo, F.Villena, M.Jemiola-Rzeminska, K.Strzalka

    4 Implementation of innovations as challenge for water treatment

    Innovative Materials for Removal of arsenic and chromium

    5 Separation of arsenic from waters using inorganic adsorbents
    E.Henden, T.D.Çiftçi

    6 Arsenic sorption on mono and binary metal oxide doped natural solids
    E.B.Simsek, U.Beker

    7 Low-cost adsorbents for arsenic separation from wastewaters
    E.Iakovleva, M.Louhi-Kultanen, M.Sillanpää

    8 Polymeric sorbents for selective chromium removal
    L.Jelínek, H.Parschová, M.Němeček

    9 Solvent impregnated resins (SIRs) for Cr(VI) removal
    N.Kabay, M.Bryjak

    10 Arsenic and chromium removal using ion exchange processes
    B.L.Rivas, B.F.Urbano, C.Campos

    11 Water-soluble polymers in conjunction with membranes to remove arsenic and chromium
    B.L.Rivas, J.Sánchez, L.Toledo

    12 Solid waste materials for arsenic and chromium removal
    I.Polowczyk, T.Koźlecki, J.Ulatowska, A.Bastrzyk

    Innovative Methods for Removal of arsenic and chromium

    13 Emerging technologies in the removal of arsenic from polluted waters
    J.Saiz, E.Bringas, I.Ortiz

    14 Arsenic removal from geothermal water with inorganic adsorbents
    K. Yoshizuka, S.Nishihama

    15 Arsenic removal by advanced oxidation assisted by solar energy
    H.D.Mansilla, J.Yáñez, D.R.Contreras, L.Cornejo

    16 Arsenic removal by means of membrane techniques
    K.Konieczny, M.Bodzek

    17 Innovative membrane applications for arsenic removal
    A.Figoli, P.Mondal, S.Santoro, J.Hoinkis, A.Criscuoli

    18 Removal of trace chromate from contaminated water: ion exchange and redox active sorption processes
    S.Sarkar, R.C.Smith, N.Blute, A.K.SenGupta

    19 Application of membrane technology to chromium elimination from the aquatic environment
    M.Bodzek, K.Konieczny

    20 Hybrid systems for removal of trace amounts of Cr(VI)  and As(V) ions from water
    M.Bryjak, N.Kabay

    21 Removal of arsenic and chromium  ions by dialysis and electrodialysis 

    Case studies: Latin America and the United States of America examples

    22 Latin American experiences in arsenic removal from drinking water and mining effluents
    J.L.Cortina, M.I.Litter, O.Gibert, C.Valderrama, A.M.Sancha, S.Garrido, V.S.T. Ciminelli

    23 The removal of arsenic and chromate (Cr(VI)) from drinking water in the United States of America


    Marek Bryjak, Nalan Kabay, Bernabe L. Rivas, Jochen Bundschuh