Insect Behavior: A Sourcebook Of Laboratory And Field Exercises, 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Insect Behavior

A Sourcebook Of Laboratory And Field Exercises, 1st Edition

By Janice R. Matthews

CRC Press

344 pages

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pub: 2019-05-01
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Interest in insect behavior is growing rapidly, as reflected both in courses devoted fully to the topic and in its inclusion in general biology, ecology, invertebrate zoology, and animal behavior--as well as general entomology--curricula. Instructors and students find that insects are in many ways uniquely suitable animals for behavioral study: the

Table of Contents

Also of Interest -- Preface -- Observation, Description, and Analysis of Behavior -- Conducting a Personal Project on Insect Behavior in the Field -- Observation, Description, and Quantification of Behavior: A Study of Praying Mantids -- Sampling Methods and Interobserver Reliability: Cockroach Grooming -- Spatial Adjustment and Orientation -- Orientation: I. Thermokinesis in Tribolium Beetles -- Orientation: II. Optomotor Responses of Dragonfly Naiads -- Patterns of Spatial Distribution in Field Crickets -- Object Orientation in Mealworm Beetles -- The Locomotion of Grasshoppers -- Food Location -- Optimal Foraging Strategy: I. Flower Choice by Bumble Bees -- Optimal Foraging Strategy: II. Foraging Movements of Bumble Bees -- Foraging Behavior of Subterranean Termites -- Foraging Orientation of Honey Bees -- Food Recognition, Acceptance, and Regulation -- Host Acceptance by Aphids: Effects of Sinigrin -- Blow Fly Feeding Behavior -- Communication -- Communication in Mealworm Beetles -- Chemical Recruitment in the Fire Ant -- Exploratory and Recruitment Trail Marking by Eastern Tent Caterpillars -- Dominance in a Cockroach (Nauphoeta) -- Cricket Phonotaxis: Experimental Analysis of an Acoustic Response -- Defense -- Defensive Behavior in Beetles -- Sexual Behavior -- Reproductive Behavior of Giant Water Bugs: I. Male Brooding -- Reproductive Behavior of Giant Water Bugs: II. Courtship, Role Reversal, and Paternity Assurance -- Sexual Behavior of Damselflies -- Courtship of Melittobia Wasps -- Food-Based Territoriality and Sex Discrimination in the Water Strider Gerris -- Brood Care, Nesting, and Social Life -- Foundress Interactions in Paper Wasps (Polistes) -- Sound Production and Communication in Subsocial Beetles -- Integration and Organization of Behavior -- Comparative Anatomy of the Insect Neuroendocrine System -- Grooming in the Fly Phormia -- Laterality in Drosophila -- Candles, Moths, and Ants: The Dielectric Waveguide Theory of Insect Olfaction -- Non-Traditional Behavioral Study Methods -- Modeling of Random Search Paths and Foraging Paths -- Sound Communication in Aedes Mosquitoes: A “Dry Lab” Exercise in Data Interpretation -- Developing Observational Abilities and Generating Hypotheses: Non-Traditional Training Exercises for Behavioral Scientists -- Aids to the Instructor -- Comparing Behavioral Samples with Common Nonparametric Statistical Tests -- Statistical Tables -- Supplemental Resources

About the Author

Janice R. Matthews, biomedical editor for the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia.

Robert W. Matthews, professor in the University of Georgia Department of Entomology, have collaborated for many years in research on parasitic, solitary, and social wasps and have coauthored a widely used textbook, Insect Behavior.

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