1st Edition

Insect Cell Biotechnology

By Gordon D. O. Maramorosch Copyright 1994
    200 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Insect Cell Biotechnology provides a lucid, up-to-date description of recent major advances in the field. A number of significant topics are addressed, including the use and production of baculoviruses in insect cells, baculovirus specificity, bacterial toxin studies in cultured insect cells, scale-up operations required in the production of recombinant protein and insect viruses propagated in insect cells, growth and nervous system interactions, and the physiological and developmental capacities of cell lines. Transfection in Drosophila cells and a chapter on the theoretical and practical implications of stress produced by x-rays, ultraviolet light, chemicals, psoralens, and heat are discussed as well.

    1. Expression of Foreign Genes in Insect Cells Using Baculovirus Vectors 2. Production of Baculoviruses for Insect Control Using Cell Culture 3. Specificity of Baculoviruses 4. Application of Insect Cell Culture to the Study of Baccillus thuringiensis Toxins 5. Large Scale Insect Cell Production 6. Growth and Interactions of Cells from the Insect Nervous System In Vitro 7. Physiological and Developmental Capacities of Insect Cell Lines 8. Differences in Transfection Efficiency between Drosophila Cell Lines 9. Intrinsic Stress Resistance of Cultured Lepidopteran Cells


    Gordon D. O. Maramorosch