1st Edition

Instabilities in Laser-Matter Interaction

ISBN 9780849386602
Published March 23, 1995 by CRC Press
160 Pages

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Book Description

This book describes the thermal and hydrodynamic instabilities appearing in laser-matter interactions at moderate intensities. These instabilities result in the distortion of phase-transition front, dispersion of target material in condensed phase, formation of dissipative surface structures, generation of complex oscillatory evaporation modes, and so on. These effects, in turn, lead to the appearance of liquid droplets in an expanding vapor, non-uniform removal of a solid material, and the enhanced light absorption in the vapor plume.
This book focuses on nonresonant interactions. It concentrates on the range of low and moderate laser intensities that are important for technological applications of lasers.
Instabilities in Laser-Matter Interaction provides a theoretical background to the interpretation of experimental results and an understanding of the effect of instabilities on the processes of laser technology.

Table of Contents

Interactions of Laser Radiation with Highly Absorbing Materials
Laser Heating of Highly Absorbing Solids Without Phase Change
Laser-Induced Melting
Laser-Induced Evaporation
Numerical Simulation of Laser-Produced Melting and Evaporation
Interaction of Laser Radiation with Dielectrics
Optical Breakdown of Transparent Dielectrics
Stationary Evaporation Waves in Transparent Dielectrics
UV-Laser Ablation of Polymers
Processes in the Vapor Plume
Hydrodynamic Boundary Conditions for Strong Evaporation
Condensation in Expanding Vapor
Dynamics of Vapor Expansion: One-Dimensional Flow
Dynamics of Vapor Expansion: Spatial Structure of the Vapor Plume
Instability of the Vapor-Plume Expansion into Vacuum
Dynamics of Vapor Expansion into an Ambient Gas
Effects of Ultrashort Laser Pulses
Electron and Lattice Temperature Dynamics in an Metal Heated by Ultrashort Laser Pulses
Anomalous Electron and Light Emission from Metals Heated by Ultrashort Laser Pulses
Instability of Sublimation Waves in Solids: Linear Theory
Corrugation Instability of Stationary Evaporation Waves in Highly Absorbing Materials
Corrugation Instability of Non-stationary Evaporation Waves in Highly Absorbing Materials
Instability of Plane Stationary Evaporation Waves in Dielectrics
Stability Analysis of Plane Stationary Ablation Waves in Polymers
Nonlinear Evolution of Instability in Laser Evaporation
Slightly Supercritical Structures in Laser Sublimation Waves
Strongly Supercritical Regimes of Laser Evaporation. "Spin" Sublimation of Solids
Nonlinear Stages of Instability of Evaporation Waves in Dielectrics
Instabilities in the Laser Interaction with Liquids
Thermocapillary Instability of a Liquid Heated by Laser Radiation
Corrugation Instability of Plane Evaporation Waves in Liquids
Instabilities Connected with Laser-Induced Chemical Reactions
Instability of Laser-Stimulated Surface Oxidation of Metals. Spatially Uniform Temperature Fields
Instability of Surface Oxidation of Metals: Two-Dimensional Effects
Laser-Initiated Surface Combustion Waves

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Anisimov, Sergei I.; Khokhlov, Viktor A.