1st Edition

Institutional Change and Industrial Development in Central and Eastern Europe

Edited By Anne Lorentzen, Brigitta Widmaier, Mihály Laki Copyright 1999
    339 Pages
    by Routledge

    340 Pages
    by Routledge

    Published in 1999, this is a collection of recent research results by acknowledged researchers in the field of enterprise transformation and industrial development in Central and Eastern Europe.

    Part 1: Continuity and Change of Industrial Production Enterprises 1. Technological Change in Hungarian Industry After 1989, Anne Lorentzen  2. Continuity Amidst Change, Hungarian Enterprises in the Mid-1990s, Richard Whitley and Laszlo Czaban  3. Inward Investment and Structural Transformation, Martin Myant  Section 2: The Change of Energy Systems  4. Restructuring Hungary’s Electricity Sector, Modernisation Discourses and Technological Determinism, Niels Knudsen  5. Energy Planning and the Ability to Change, The East German Example, Frede Hvelplund and Henrik Lund  6. Industrial Change and Electricity Sector Reform in Transition Economics, Junior R. Davis  Section 3: Science, Technology and Innovation in Industry  7. Knowledge and Innovation in Industry in Central and Eastern Europe, Brigitta Widmaier  8. Competitiveness and Technological Capacities in Baltic Industry, Future Potentials in a Historical Perspective, Maureen Lankhuizen  9. A Long Way to Go, The Hungarian Science and Technology Policy in Transition, Attila Havas  Part 4: Transition and the Path Dependency of Innovation Strategies  10. Industrial Development and Institutional Diversity in Central and Eastern Europe, The Cases of Ukraine and Poland, Hans van Zon  11. Industrial Policy and Small Private Businesses in Extreme Situations, The Hungarian Case, Mihaly Laki  12. Cultural Perspectives on Management Issues in Hungary Foreign-Owned Production Companies in Transition, Susan Berry Baca.


    Anne Lorentzen, Brigitta Widmaier, Mihály Laki