1st Edition

Insurgence How Established Incumbents Can Operate Like Nimble Insurgents in Fast Changing and Volatile Markets

By Matthew Tice Copyright 2020
    184 Pages 34 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    184 Pages 34 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Insurgence is  designed  to  help  business  leaders  apply  new  methods  to  the most important
    business problem they face in the world today: namely, how to overcome their incumbent mentality to
    maintain relevance and discover new sources  of  growth.  At  the  convergence  of  lean,  business
     model  innovation, agile,  and  design thinking,  insurgence  is  a  methodology  and
    business philosophy that will help leaders in incumbent businesses rediscover how to operate like
    small and nimble insurgents whilst maintaining many of their incumbent advantages.
    Incumbent businesses, often having enjoyed a long period of relative historical market stability, are
    increasingly unprepared for nimble insurgents coming on to the field of play and applying different
    assumptions and business models at speed and scale. These incumbent businesses find that the
    business models that  fuelled  their  success  are  no  longer  robust  to  the  change 
    surrounding their   business,   and   they   are   becoming   increasingly   obsolete,   weighed
    down by a high degree of internal focus, inflexible internal controls, and an inability to
    innovate. Meanwhile, nimble insurgents strike at the heart of these weaknesses  by  formulating 
    alternative  core  assumptions,  building  adaptive business models, and innovating in close
    proximity to customers and market needs.
    This book enables business leaders to characterise the difference between incumbents  and 
    insurgents,  develop  new  ways  of  thinking  about  how  to compete  in  this  age  of 
    accelerating  change,  and  provide  a  new  framework for  strategy  and  innovation  that  helps 
    leaders  to  discover  the  essence  of insurgence  for  their  businesses.  It  uses  rich  case 
    studies  that  illustrate  both successful  and  unsuccessful  efforts  to  help  leaders  move 
    from  theory  to action at speed and at scale.

    Foreword, Prologue, Chapter 1: The Age of Insurgence, Chapter 2: Checkers and Chess, Chapter 3: Defining Insurgence, Chapter 4: Graduation Day, Chapter 5: The Insurgence Framework – The X-Axis, Chapter 6: The Insurgence Framework – The Y-Axis, Chapter 7: The Insurgence Framework – Capability Mapping, Chapter 8: The Insurgence Framework – Customer Frontier, Chapter 9: The Insurgence Framework – Trend Mapping, Chapter 10: Implications for Strategy Design , Chapter 11: Implications for Innovation, Chapter 12: Implications for Leadership, Chapter 13: Implications for Strategy Executions, Chapter 14: Eight Principles of Insurgence, Index


    Matthew Tice is the CEO of Insurgence Group, a management consulting firm dedicated to helping organisations to navigate and lead through disruptive change. Insurgence helps its clients at the nexus of strategy, innovation, and leadership to accelerate growth and build robust business models.