1st Edition

Integer Programming Theory and Practice

Edited By John K. Karlof Copyright 2006
    336 Pages
    by CRC Press

    336 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Integer Programming: Theory and Practice contains refereed articles that explore both theoretical aspects of integer programming as well as major applications.

    This volume begins with a description of new constructive and iterative search methods for solving the Boolean optimization problem (BOOP). Following a review of recent developments on convergent Lagrangian techniques that use objective level-cut and domain-cut methods to solve separable nonlinear integer-programming problems, the book discusses the generalized assignment problem (GAP). The final theoretical chapter analyzes the use of decomposition methods to obtain bounds on the optimal value of solutions to integer linear-programming problems.

    The first application article contains models and solution algorithms for the rescheduling of airlines following the temporary closure of airports. The next chapters deal with the determination of an optimal mix of chartered and self-owned vessels needed to transport a product. The book then presents an application of integer programming that involves the capture, storage, and transmission of large quantities of data collected during testing scenarios involving military applications related to vehicles, medicine, equipment, missiles, and aircraft.

    The next article develops an integer linear-programming model to determine the assortment of products that must be carried by stores within a retail chain to maximize profit, and the final article contains an overview of noncommercial software tools for the solution of mixed-integer linear programs (MILP). The authors purposefully include applications and theory that are usually not found in contributed books in order to appeal to a wide variety of researchers and practitioners.

    New Heuristics and Adaptive Memory Procedures for
    Boolean Optimization Problems. Convergent Lagrangian Methods for Separable Nonlinear Integer Programming: Objective Level-Cut and Domain-Cut Methods. The Generalized Assignment Problem. Decomposition in Integer Linear Programming. Airline Scheduling Models and Solution Algorithms for the Temporary Closure of Airports. Determining an Optimal Fleet Mix and Schedules:
    Part I - Single Source and Destination. Determining an Optimal Fleet Mix and Schedules: Part II - Multiple Sources and Destinations, and the Option of Leasing Transshipment Depots. An Integer Programming Model for the Optimization of Data Cycle Maps. Application of Column-Generation Techniques to Retail Assortment Planning. Noncommercial Software for Mixed-Integer Linear


    John K. Karlof