1st Edition

Integral Operational Leadership A relationally intelligent approach to sustained performance in the twenty-first century

By Greg Park Copyright 2017
    366 Pages
    by Routledge

    366 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Throughout Integral Operational Leadership, Park acknowledges that the principles, perspectives and priorities highlighted in his first book Collaborative Wisdom: From Pervasive Logic to Effective Operational Leadership must be translated into practical and operational guidelines.

    Part I of this new volume briefly revisits the theory and concepts introduced in Collaborative Wisdom and brings to centre stage an alternative organisational framework and culture which has long operated on the sidelines in many business sectors.

    The substantive content of this volume, however, is dedicated by way of case studies and exercises to offering insights that encourage and facilitate effective day-to-day decision making. This book creates a logical and robust chain from the hidden, often forgotten, subconscious and intuitive element of the leadership cognitive process, to the daily issues, decisions, practices and actions of leaders within the operational environment. It demonstrates how the existence of a collaborative wisdom can influence the implementers, as well as the policymakers within the organisational leadership cadre. Integral Operational Leadership provides support for industry professionals who are seeking to develop their organisational capabilities and performance through clear operational leadership.

    This book concerns itself with an alternative and 'progressive' leadership logic based upon perspectives, priorities and practices considered more attuned to the realities of the twenty-first century environment within which the business organisation operates.

    Section 1: Commitment to the Integral Mindset  Chapter 1. Operational Leadership and the "Big Picture"  Chapter 2. Practical Wisdom Trumps Rational, Scientific Leadership Logic  Chapter 3. Effective Leadership: Mandela or Merkel- Your Choice  Section 2: Effective Leadership- Engender a Sense of Respect, Contribution, Engagement and "Ownership"  Chapter 4. Responsible Leadership  Chapter 5. Credible and Effective Leadership in the 21st Century: Democracy and "Ownership"  Section 3: Let's Walk the Talk  Chapter 6. Relationally Intelligent Leadership: See How It's Done  Chapter 7. Responsibility and Owndership for the 21st Centure: Organisational Icons- Or Not?  Section 4: Ok, Let's Try the Alternative  Chapter 8. Operational Leaders: Change Masters for the New Business Context  Chapter 9. Alternative Operational Leadership- a Step by Step Implementation Plan


    Dr Greg Park spent over twenty-five years in senior executive roles within financial services, initially with National Westminster Bank and Lloyds TSB in the UK. He is now Managing Director of PCM Consulting, specialising on leading within cross-border and global contexts. Greg is a guest speaker on international strategic leadership and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management, where he advises on a number of expert panels.