1st Edition

Integrated Weed and Soil Management

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ISBN 9781575040691
Published November 1, 1997 by CRC Press
400 Pages

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Book Description

Integrated Weed and Soil Management explores the connection between soil science and weed control, providing the latest research and applications for weed management in agricultural systems.
Five major areas discussed include:

  • surface residue, tillage, and weed and soil management
  • integration of soil and weed management to reduce environmental degradation
  • modeling weed emergence, interference, and management
  • new technology and management
  • development of the next generation of weed management systems
    Throughout the text, the editors and contributors replace weed control terminology with weed management terminology, shifting the paradigm of one of control to one of better management.
    Integrated Weed and Soil Management, a great reference for higher research, improves your understanding of soil science, weed biology, and ecology - leading to effective practical application and maximum results.
  • Table of Contents

    Impoortant Biological Information Needed for Bioeconomic Weed Management Models, E.E. Schweizer, D.W. Lybecker, and L.J. Wiles
    The Economics of Weed Control and the Value of Weed Management Information, R.P. King, S.M. Swinton, D.W. Lybecker, and C.A. Oriade
    Producer Attitudes and Weed Management, M.D.K. Owen
    Integrating the Management of Weeds and Impacts on the Environment: High Tech Research or Education Solutions, R.L. Becker
    Tillage Systems and Crop Residue Management Impacts on Soil Physical Properties: Implications for Weed Management, B. Lowery and D.E. Stoltenberg
    Mechanisms of Herbicide Leaching and Volatilization and Innovative Approaches for Sampling, Prediction, and Control, T.J. Gish, A. Shirohammadi, C.S. Helling, K-J.S. Kung, B.J. Wienhold, and W.J. Rawls
    Integrated Crop Management and Off-Site Movement of Nutrients and Pesticides, J.L. Baker, S.K. Mickelson, and W.G. Crumpton
    Microbial Interactions with Weed Seeds and Seedlings and Its Potential for Weed Management, R.J. Kremer
    Crop Rotation and Legume Residue Effects on Weed Emergence and Growth: Applications for Weed Management, M. Liebman and T. Ohno
    Tillage Systems and Weed Population Dynamics and Management, D.D. Buhler
    Cover Crops, Smother Plants, and Weed Management, J.R. Teasdale
    Application of Micrometeorology to Weed Biology and Modeling, J.L. Hatfield
    Weed Spatial Variation and Weed Management, D.A. Mortensen, J.A. Dieleman and G.A. Johnson
    Engineering and Application of Precision Farming Technology, K.A. Sudduth
    Influence of Weed Biology and Ecology on Development of Reduced Dose Strategies for Integrated Weed Management Systems, J.A. Dieleman and D.A. Mortensen
    Decision Support Models for Weed Management: In-Field Management Tools, A.R. Martin, D.A. Mortensen, and J.L. Lindquist
    Developing the Next Generation of Weed Management Systems: Economic and Social Challenges, M. Duffy

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    Hatfield, J. L.; Stewart, B.A.


    "…but this does not distract from the comprehensive analysis of many interactions, vital for an improvedunderstanding of the farming system, as expressed in this volume."
    -Nick Pasiecznik,Biological Agriculture and Horticulture