1st Edition

Integrating Psychological and Pharmacological Treatments for Addictive Disorders An Evidence-Based Guide

    250 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    250 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Integrating Psychological and Pharmacological Treatments for Addictive Disorders distills the complex literature on addiction, offering a curated toolbox of integrated pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatments in chapters authored by leading experts. Introductory chapters on the epidemiology, etiology, and fundamentals of addiction treatment provide a concise overview of the state of the field. Subsequent chapters then focus on the treatment of specific substance use disorders and on gambling disorder. Finally, a chapter on the treatment of addiction in primary care addresses the opportunities for clinical care in non-specialist outpatient settings. Physicians, psychologists, social workers, and other mental health professionals will come away from the book with an essential understanding of evidence-based practice in treating addiction and the scientific foundations of those approaches.


    Part I. Epidemiology, Etiology and Treatment of Addictive Disorders  1. The Epidemiology and Public Health Burden of Addictive Disorders Kevin D. Shield, PhD; Sameer Imtiaz, MSc; Charlotte Probst, MS; and Jürgen Rehm, PhD  2. The Etiology of Addiction: A Contemporary Biopsychosocial Approach James MacKillop, PhD and Lara Ray, PhD  3. Evidence-based Treatment of Addictive Disorders: An Overview John F. Kelly, PhD; Brandon G. Bergman, PhD; and Cristi L. O’Connor, MHS  Part II. Integrated Treatment for Specific Addictive Disorders  4. Alcohol Use Disorders George A. Kenna, PhD, RPh and Lorenzo Leggio, MD, PhD, MSc  5. Tobacco Use Disorder James MacKillop, PhD; Joshua C. Gray, MSc; Max M. Owens, MS; Jennifer Laude, PhD; and Sean David, MD, SM, DPhil  6. Opioid Use Disorders Monica Bawor, PhD; Brittany Dennis, PhD; James MacKillop, PhD; and Zena Samaan, MBChB, DMMD, MSc, PhD, MRCPsych  7. Cannabis Use Disorder Jane Metrik, PhD and Divya Ramesh, PhD  8. Stimulant Use Disorder Allison M. Daurio, BS and Mary R. Lee, MD 9. Gambling Disorder Jon E. Grant, JD, MD, MPH and Samuel R. Chamberlain, MB/BChir, PhD, MRCPsych  10. Addiction Treatment in Primary Care Megan M. Yardley, PhD; Steven J. Shoptaw, PhD; Keith G. Heinzerling, MD, MPH; and Lara Ray, PhD


    James MacKillop, PhD, is the Peter Boris Chair in Addictions Research and director of the Peter Boris Center for Addictions Research at McMaster University/St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton. He is also a senior scientist at the Homewood Research Institute and holds courtesy faculty appointments at the University of Georgia and Brown University. He conducts translational research using basic behavioral science, cognitive neuroscience, behavioral genetics, and clinical science to advance the understanding and treatment of addiction.

    George A. Kenna, PhD, RPh, is an assistant professor of psychiatry (research) at Brown University, where he performs clinical trials for the treatment of alcohol use disorder. He is a clinical pharmacist at Westerly Hospital, Westerly, Rhode Island, and is also an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Rhode Island.

    Lorenzo Leggio, MD, PhD, MSc, is a physician-scientist who conducts clinical research on medication development and the role of neuroendocrine signaling in addictions. His clinical and research training took place between the Catholic University of Rome and Brown University. Throughout his career, he has worked at Brown University and the National Institutes of Health.

    Lara A. Ray, PhD, is a professor of psychology, co-director of the Addiction and Behavioral Medicine Clinic, and a faculty member in the department of psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences and Brain Research Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles.

    "This book includes both depth and breadth in the area of addictive disorders, providing state-of-the-art knowledge of the etiology, prevalence, and evidence-based interventions to enable better decision-making for providers in their practice. It is particularly helpful in helping to discern integrated pharmacological and psychological treatment approaches. A must-read primer for both seasoned and early career practitioners and researchers!"
    Andrea King, professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences, director, Clinical Addictions Research Laboratory, University of Chicago

    "This highly anticipated book covers what we as addiction specialists seek out on a daily basis: personalized plans to treat each and every one of the millions of patients with addiction disorders. Integrating Psychological and Pharmacological Treatments for Addictive Disorders begins by exploring the vast epidemic of addiction through data, and then provides detailed chapters—written by leading specialists—for specific addictive disorders. Thank you for such an invaluable resource!"
    Bankole A. Johnson, DSc, MD, Dr. Irving J. Taylor Professor and Chair, Department of Psychiatry, University of Maryland School of Medicine

    "This book provides excellent state-of-the-art knowledge of addictive disorders, ranging from epidemiology to biological theories and treatment options. It covers alcohol, tobacco, opioids, stimulants, and cannabis addiction. It should be useful to students wanting an addiction primer as well as to clinicians wanting to review, or enhance, their knowledge. Well-referenced chapters allow interested readers to delve further into specific topic areas. Importantly, the book provides information on dual diagnosis/co-morbid psychopathology and gambling, as well as how primary care medicine can play a larger role in assessing and treating alcohol/drug addiction."
    Raymond F. Anton, MD, Thurmond Wellness Endowed Chair, Distinguished University Professor of psychiatry and behavioral science, and scientific director of the Charleston Alcohol Center, Medical University of South Carolina