1st Edition

Intelligent Circuits and Systems for SDG 3 – Good Health and well-being International Conference on Intelligent Circuits and Systems (ICICS 2023)

    818 Pages
    by CRC Press

    ICICS is a series of conferences initiated by School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering at Lovely Professional University. Looking at the response to the conference, the bi-annual conference now onwards will be annual. The 5th International Conference on Intelligent Circuits and Systems (ICICS 2023) will be focusing on intelligent circuits and systems for achieving the targets in Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3, identified as ‘Good Health and Wellbeing’ by United Nations (Refs: https://sdgs.un.org/goals/goal3, https://sdg-tracker.org/).

    01 IoT-Based Smart Energy Management System for Photovoltaic
    Power Generation
    Rakshit Singh Manhas and Roshan Kumar Prasad, Ajay Roy
    02. Internet of Things (IoT) in Healthcare: Role and Applications
    Ajay Roy, Chinmay Joshi, Aman Sharma, Subhashish Singha, Sumit
    Jangra, and Sourav Mathur
    03. Internet of Things (IoT) Sensor Technologies for Medical
    Jaspreet Kaur and Kuldeep Kumar Khuswaha
    04. Security Challenges in AI-Enabled Robotics: Threats
    and Countermeasures
    Kuldeep Kumar Kushwaha and Jaspreet Kaur
    05. Fuzzy Logic Based System for Checking the Eligibility
    of Placement Students using DBSCAN Algorithm
    Preeti Khurana and Akhil Gupta
    06. Optical Character Recognition using Support Vector Machine
    Nitika, Surbhi, Mir Junaid Rasool, Dr. Aarti, Richa Sharma,
    and Dr. Prakash Singh Tanwar
    07. Development of Fusion Based Cognitive Assisted Smart Room
    Automation System
    Sachin Gupta, Vijay Kumar, Rajeev Kanday, Shivali Gupta,
    Shaik Mohammed Raith
    08. Phishing Website Detection Using Optimised Ensemble Model
    P Suhani, Divya Bhavani Mohan, and Prakash Arumugam
    09. Power-Efficient Packet Counter Design on High Performance
    FPGA for Green Communication
    Keshav Kumar, Isha Kansal, Saurabh Singh, Preeti Sharma, Sachin Chawla
    10. Analysis of Chaotic Northern Goshawk Algorithm
    in the Optimal Design of Electric Vehicles
    Kamaldeep Sharma,
    Manu Prakram, and Vikram kumar Kamboj
    11. Wireless Lock System using Arduino UNO and Bluetooth
    Mohana Vamsi Perni, Sai Daiwik V, Tagore Reddy, Veera Hemanth,
    Rajeev Kumar Patial, Jhulan Kumar, Dilip Kumar and Dinesh Kumar
    12. Analysis of Various Methods to Boost the Isolation
    in UWB-MIMO Antennas
    Daljeet Singh, Mariella Särestöniemi, and Teemu Myllyla
    13. Smart EV Charging using IoT and Block Chain: A Comparative
    Study of Latest Technologies
    Subhash Suman and Dr. Manoj Singh Adhikari
    14. Analytical Framework and Algorithmic Model for Resource
    Allocation in 5G and Beyond 5G Networks for IoT
    Nishant Tripathi, J. P. C. do Nascimento, and A. S. B.Sombra
    15. A Systematic Review of Load Balancing Techniques
    in Heterogeneous Networks
    TanuKaistha and Kiran Ahuja
    16. Microwave Absorber: A Promising Material as a Solution
    to Electromagnetic Interference
    Sayed Tathir Abbas Naqvi and Ihab Abdel-latif
    17. Early Disease Detection Using Machine Learning Approach
    Himanshu Kumawat and Dr. Prakash Singh Tanwar
    18. Smart Vending Machine Using Digital Payment
    Narla Gowtham Sai Manikanta, Bhavanam Abhiram Reddy, Achanta
    Yaswanth Sri Satya Sai Krishna, Yellanki Tharun, Sana Vanajith, Ch. Ravisankar
    19. Balancing Fundamental and Technical Analysis for Stock
    Market Using Artificial Intelligence: A Survey
    Pawandeep Kaur, Hardeep Kaur, Jai Sukh Paul Singh, Sonia Bukra,
    Manjinder Kaur Amarjot Kaur and Jaskaran Singh Phull
    20. Animal Detection and Repelling System Based on Motion
    Sensor and GSM Module
    Jhulan Kumar, Yogesh Singh, Manoj Kumar Yadav, Rekha Goyat,
    and Rajeev Kumar
    21. Analysis of Deep Learning Algorithms Based
    Person re-Identification Using Standard Datasets:
    A Review
    Badireddygari Anurag Reddy and Danvir Mandal
    22. An Innovative Approach to Select Features for Identifying
    Attacks in Cloud Computing Environments by a New
    Algorithm that Integrates the Principles of the Firefly
    Algorithm and K-Nearest Neighbour
    Pooja Rana, Dr. Isha Batra, and Dr.Arun Malik
    23. Nanometrology: A Subfield of Nanoscience
    Yogesh Singh, Sunny Kumar Sharma, Jhulan KumarPurnima Hazra,
    Parvinder Singh, and Rekha Goyat
    24. Breast Cancer Classification with Adaptive Median Filtering,
    GMM Segmentation and GLCM Features
    Richa Sharma, Amit Kamra, and Shaffy Makkar
    25. IoT-Based Smart Dustbin for Waste Management Systems
    Sachin Chawla, Tanu Uppal, Saurabh Singh, Keshav Kumar
    26. Multi-Objective Gravitational Search Algorithm Based
    Clustering Scheme in VANET
    Hunny Pahuja, Shippu Sachdeva, and Manoj Sindhwani
    27. Hybrid Approach to Place Wind Distributed Generators
    in Distribution System
    Babita Gupta, Suresh Kumar Sudabattula, Sachin Mishra,
    and Nagaraju Dharavat
    28. Classification of MNIST Dataset Using Different CNN
    Amit Kumar, Inderpal Singh, and Dr. Balraj Singh
    29. Tailoring of Morphology and Electrical Properties
    of Hexagonal Ferrites
    Ankit Jain, Charanjeet Singh, Sachin K. Godara, Rajshree B. Jotania,
    Varinder Kaur, and Ashwani K. Sood
    30. Different PWM Techniques for Power Electronics Topologies:
    A Comparative Study
    Ahmed Hamad Mansoor, Amit Kumar Singh, and Someet Singh
    31. A Phantom-Based Experimental Study of the Bioimpedance
    Monitoring Techniques
    Ramesh Kumar, Manas Ranjan Tripathy, Ashish Kumar Singh,
    and Manoj Kumar Yadav
    32. Design and FPGA Implementation of Digital Clock
    with Millisecond Precision
    Kushagra, Jay Khaple, Siragam Tejeswar Reddy, Jai Shivam
    Chaudhary, Raihan Ahmed and Sobhit Saxena
    33. Optimising Supercapacitor-Based Power Delivery Systems
    for Enhanced Efficiency in Electric Vehicles
    Harleenpal Singh, Sobhit Saxena, Vikram Kumar Kamboj
    34. Comparative Study of Variational Autoencoder for X-Ray
    Image Denoising
    Asha Rani, M Akhil Raj, and Dr. Bhaveshkumar Choithram Dharmani
    35. Modified SSD Framework for On-Road Object Detection
    Glenson Toney, Gaurav Sethi, Cherry Bhargava and Vaibhav Salian4
    36. 0.7V-20nm FinFET Technology Inverter Design for Better
    Log-Linear Characteristics
    M.V.S. Roja Ramani, Sreenivasa Rao Ijjada, SM IEEE
    37. Effective Load Frequency Controller Using Machine Learning
    G. Anusha, Krishan Arora, Himanshu Sharma
    38. Design and Implementation of a Variable Frequency Generator
    Using CMOS Ring Oscillator
    Abhishek Kumar
    39. Design and Analysis of Ring Structured based VCO
    using cadence 45mm
    PriyankaKumari.B.S and Dr. SobhitSaxena
    40. Study of IoT in Smart Farming Applications
    Nyle, A Mukesh Reddy, Sumanth Irlapati, Shreya, Aishweta Roy
    Chowdhury, Manoj Singh Adhikari, Harpreet Singh Bedi
    41. Distribution system Assessment with Capacitor Placement
    Rinchen Zangmo, Suresh Kumar Sudabattula, Sachin Mishra,
    and Nagaraju Dharavat
    42. Federated Learning: Issues, Challenges, and Needs
    Sahar Yousif Mohammed, Mohammad Aljanabi,
    and Maad M. Mijwil
    43. Smart Door Bell Using IoT: Implementation and Design
    Yogesh Kumar Verma, Nagalakshmi Yarlagadda, Jugal Kishore
    Bhandari, and Raam Dheep
    44. Energy Storage Systems with Artificial Intelligence Techniques
    in Doubly Fed Induction Generator Based Wind Energy
    Conversion System – An Overview
    Pradeep Singh, Krishan Arora, Umesh C. Rathore
    45. Massive MIMO Precoding Techniques for Future Generation
    Communication System
    Sandhya Bolla, ManwinderSingh, and Anudeep Goraya
    46. Design and Performance Analysis of PV-Based Grid Connected
    Nanogrid System
    Amita Mane,, Shamik Chatterjee, Amol Kalage
    47. 14T SRAM Bit Cell with Speed and Power Optimized
    Using CNTFET
    Vipin Kumar Sharma and Abhishek Kumar
    48. Cost Correlation for High Head Small Hydropower Projects
    Kalyani R.,, Sachin Mishra, and Javed Dhillon
    49. Ab-Initio Analysis of Al-Doped Electrode Magnetic Tunnel
    Junction for MRAM
    Manoj Kumar Yadav, Pawandeep Kaur, Hardeep Kaur, Jhulan Kumar,
    Jaskaran Singh Phull, and Ritesh Pawar
    50. An Elliptical Plus Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna Integrated
    with CSRR for Breast Cancer Detection
    Rupali, Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sahu, and Dr. Gopinath Palai
    51. Cooperative Communications System with Minimal Energy
    Krishan Kumar, Uppula Kiran, and Valishetti Prashanthi
    52. IOT Portable Radar System
    Ankit Meena, Ananya Tripathi, Arsh Malik, Bhukya Arun Kumar,
    and Ajay Roy
    53. Data Acquisition and Monitoring Framework for Waste
    Management Using Intelligent Sensors and Thing Speak IoT
    Analytics for Health Monitoring in Smart Cities
    Karan Belsare, Manwinder Singh, Anudeep Goraya
    54. Prediction of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Using Gradient Boosted
    Tree Approach
    Prakash Arumugam, Abinayaa S S, and Divya Bhavani Mohan
    55. Design of a Millimetre-Wave Antenna with Circular
    Polarization and High Gain on FR4 Substrate
    Simerpreet Singh, Gaurav Sethi, Jaspal Singh Khinda
    56. Synthesis and Investigation of Electrical Characteristics
    of Co-Zr Doped M-type Sr Hexaferrites
    Sayed Tathir Abbas Naqvi, Charanjeet Singh, Sachin Kumar Godara
    57. Low Power Optimization of 10T Full Adder Design
    Using FinFET Technology
    Sneha Arora and Suman Lata Tripathi
    58. Paving the Way for Faster Data Transmission Through
    Micro Structured Fibre Mode Optimisation
    Indu Bala, B. Arun Kumar, Ashwani Kumar, and Aryananda PS
    59. Booth Multiplier Design and Implementation Using NEXYS-4
    ARTIX-7 FPGA Board
    Suman Lata Tripathi, Abhishek Kumar, Sandhya Avasthi, and Mufti Mahmud
    60. NB-IoT vs Lora: A Practical Analysis in Terms of Power
    Chand Pasha Mohammed and Shakti Raj Chopra
    61. Millimetre Wave Wireless Communication System for Internet
    of Bodies: A Systematic Review on Implication
    Jai Kumar and Akhil Gupta
    62. Self-Organisation of Heavy Traffic Using Zigbee
    Communication on Raspberry Pi
    B.Ravi Chandra and Dr. Krishan Kumar
    63. A Relay Selection Optimisation for Cooperative Networks
    to Maximise Reliability and Minimise Energy Consumption
    Valishetti Prashanthi, Uppula Kiran, Krishan Kumar
    64. From Pixels to Prognosis: Machine Learning for Infection
    Segmentation and Disease Prediction in Tulsi Leaf
    Manjot Kaur, Someet Singh, and Anita Gehlot
    65. Deep Learning for Disease Detection in Paddy Plants using
    Leaf Images 598
    Sudheer Chakravarthi P and Bhaveshkumar Choithram Dharmani
    66. Measurement and Analysis of Power Consumption
    in Smartphones
    Pratibha Mahajan and Yashashree Sonawane
    67. A Graphene-Based Absorber for Sensing Application
    Laxmi Narayana Deekonda, Sanjay Kumar Sahu
    and Asit Kumar Panda
    68. Enhancing Energy Efficiency in MIMO Networks for 5G
    Praveen Srivastava and Shelej Khera
    69. Advancements in Object Detection and Tracking Techniques:
    A Comprehensive Review in Variable Illumination Conditions
    Chinthakindi Kiran Kumar, Gaurav Sethi, and Kirti Rawal
    70. An Integrated Method of Industry 4.0 for Improved Healthcare
    Rekha Chaudhary, Rahul Sharma, Raman Kumar,
    and Mahender Singh Kaswan
    71. Performance Analysis of Gate-Pocket Overlap Hetero-junction
    Tunnel Field-Effect Transistor
    Rekha Chaudhary, Rahul Sharma, Raman Kumar, Gautam Bhaskar,
    and Aditya Chotalia
    72. A Comparative Study of Electric Vehicle Battery Live
    Monitoring and Scheduling
    S. R. Deepu, Dr. N.Karthick, and U. Neethu
    73. Efficient Speed Control Tracking for Electric Vehicle Using
    Artificial Intelligence: A Comparative Study
    U. Neethu, N. Karthick, and S. R. Deepu
    74. Comparative Analysis of Correlation Tracking Algorithms
    for Real-Time Video Object Tracking
    Jyoti Ramola, Mohit Payal, Manoj Singh Adhikari, and Vibhor Sharma
    75. Implementation and Designing of a Smart Door Lock System 676
    Yogesh Kumar Verma, Pravin Ghimire, Rohan Bharti, Pankaj,
    Raam Deep, and Manoj Singh Adhikari
    76. SBLKF- Based Estimation of Time-Selective (Fast – Fading)
    Channel for Hybrid mmWave Massive MIMO System
    Shailender, Shelej Khera, and Sajjan Singh
    77. A Parasitic Extraction Method for Realistic Linked Faults
    in Two Cell SRAMs
    Venkatesham Maddela, Sanjeet Kumar Sinha, and Muddapu Parvathi
    78. Evaluating Energy-Efficient Cooperative Communication
    in Wireless Networks through Clustering Algorithm
    Performance Metrics
    Nishant Tripathi,, Charanjeet Singh, and Kamal Kumar Sharma
    79. Efficiency and Accuracy Analysis of Object Detection
    Algorithms in Deep Learning
    Jyoti Vitthal Chhatrband and BhaveshKumar Choithram Dharmani
    80. Multi-Criteria Collaborative Filtering for Therapy
    Recommendation to Autistic Children
    Kusumalatha Karre and Y. Ramadevi
    81. Implementation of IOT’s MQTT Protocol with JavaScript
    Mahesh Swami, Sakshi Kumar, and Devansh Tiwari
    82. Design of Fractional-NPLL Using Delta Sigma Modulation
    for Low-Phase Noise
    Md Abdul Muqueem, Shanky Saxena, and Govind Singh Patel
    83 Enhancing Stock Market Predictions: Combining Deep
    Learning and Machine Learning for Improved Accuracy
    Manoj Kumar Chaudharya, Inderpal Singh, Balraj Singh


    Dr. Bhaveshkumar C. Dharmani

    is a Professor and Head, Signal & Image Processing, School of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Lovely Professional University. He has done his full-time Ph. D. from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information & Communication Technology (DAIICT) after years of teaching experience and was a Visiting scientist at Interdisciplinary Statistical research Unit (ISRU), Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Kolkata. He has more than 17 years of teaching experience with 5 years post-PhD. He has around 13 research publications and 8 patents published. His current research focus is on achieving robustness in Machine and Deep learning algorithms for healthcare applications, collaborating the concepts of Signal Processing, Robust Statistics and Machine Learning. His research interest includes Blind Source Separation, Tensor decompositions, Robust Statistical Divergences, kernel based nonparametric estimation, Machine & Deep learning, Evolutionary Algorithms and others.

    Dr. Suman Lata Tripathi

    is working as Professor in Lovely Professional University with more than 21 years of experience in academics and research. She has completed her Ph.D. in the area of microelectronics and VLSI Design from MNNIT, Allahabad. She is also a remote post-doc researcher at Nottingham Trent University, London, UK in the year 2022. She has published more than 125 research papers in refereed Springer, Elsevier, IEEE, Wiley and IOP science journals, conference proceeding and e-books. She has also published 13 Indian patents and 4 copyright. She has guided 6 PhD scholars. She has received the “Research Excellence Award” in 2019 and “Research Appreciation Award” in 2020, 2021 at Lovely Professional University, India. She is also working as book series editor for title, “Smart Engineering Systems” CRC Press, “Engineering system design for sustainable developments” & “Decentralized Systems & Next Generation Internet” Wiley-Scrivener, and conference series editor for “Conference Proceedings Series on Intelligent systems for Engineering designs” CRC Press Taylor & Francis. She is serving as academic editor of journal “Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering” (Scopus/WoS, Q2), “International Journal of Reconfigurable Computing, Scopus, Q3), “Active and Passive Electronic Component” (Scopus, Q4) Hindawi. Her area of expertise includes microelectronics device modeling and characterization, low power VLSI circuit design, VLSI design of testing, and advanced FET design for IoT, Embedded System Design, reconfigurable architecture with FPGAs and biomedical applications etc.