218 Pages
    by Focal Press

    218 Pages
    by Focal Press

    Intelligent Music Production presents the state of the art in approaches, methodologies and systems from the emerging field of automation in music mixing and mastering. This book collects the relevant works in the domain of innovation in music production, and orders them in a way that outlines the way forward: first, covering our knowledge of the music production processes; then by reviewing the methodologies in classification, data collection and perceptual evaluation; and finally by presenting recent advances on introducing intelligence in audio effects, sound engineering processes and music production interfaces.

    Intelligent Music Production is a comprehensive guide, providing an introductory read for beginners, as well as a crucial reference point for experienced researchers, producers, engineers and developers.

    PART I What do we already know?

    1 Introduction

    2 Understanding audio effects

    3 Understanding the mix

    PART II How do we construct intelligent structures?

    4 IMP construction

    5 Data collection and representation

    6 Perceptual evaluation in music production

    PART III How do we perform Intelligent Music Production?

    7 IMP systems

    8 IMP processes

    9 IMP interfaces

    10 Future work

    Appendix A Additional resources




    Brecht De Man is cofounder of Semantic Audio Labs and previously worked at Queen Mary University of London and Birmingham City University. He has published, presented and patented research on analysis of music production practices, audio effect design and perception in sound engineering.

    Ryan Stables is an Associate Professor of Digital Audio Processing at the Digital Media Technology Lab at Birmingham City University, and cofounder of Semantic Audio Labs.

    Joshua D. Reiss is a Professor of Audio Engineering at the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary University of London. 


    "Intelligent Music Production focuses on the very timely topic of automatic mixing of audio signals. With many clear figures and surprisingly few mathematical formulas, this book explains how artificial intelligence can help producers and musicians make their recordings sound great – automatically."

    Vesa Välimäki (Professor of Audio Signal Processing), Aalto University, Acoustics Lab, Espoo, Finland