2nd Edition

Interactive Storytelling Developing Inclusive Stories for Children and Adults

By Keith Park Copyright 2004
    172 Pages
    by Speechmark

    Interactive storytelling, where the story is spoken or chanted, began as a way to include individuals with severe and profound learning disabilities in larger group activities, whether children at school or adults in day services. The stories are performed in call-and-response - one person calls out a line and the rest of the group respond either by calling back the same line or by calling out a pre-arranged response - and require no previous experience in drama or storytelling. They can be performed anywhere, by anyone. Various stories are explored, ranging from folktales and pantomime to poetry, the works of Charles Dickens, Shakespeare and stories from the Old Testament. Each extract details the full call-and-response for performing the story. This approach to storytelling can be used by teachers and group facilitators in a variety of settings and with any group of children or adults, irrespective of their level of disability. This hands-on manual will enable teachers, therapists, parents and anyone working with children or adults in community settings to use performance and recital to bring stories, drama and poetry to life for people of all abilities. 'This book is a useful resource...is simply written...is especially appropriate for people working with children and adults with speech, language and communication difficulties.' - Child Language Teaching and Therapy.

    1: Folk-tales and Pantomime; 2: Stories from Around the World; 3: Shakespeare; 4: Charles Dickens; 5: Poetry and Song; 6: Grimm Versions: Stories by the Brothers Grimm; 7: New Versions of Stories by Hans Christian Andersen


    Laura Walker

    Of first edition: "Is a user friendly resource guide...very clearly presented." — Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy

    "Rationale is simple...it has a wide appeal." — Independent Talking Points

    "This valuable resource provides ready-made material." — Carol Sperring, Bulletin

    "This book is a useful resource....is simply written...is especially appropriate for people working with children and adults with speech, language and communication difficulties" — Child Language Teaching and Therapy

    "The rationale is clear, presented with enthusiasm, and includes fascinating references to well-known work of literary greats." — Frontline

    "This is a fantastic collection of ideas...introduction was illuminating, inspiring and creative...layout is easy to use...very useful for aiding planning." — Penhurst School, Chipping Norton

    "It is very simple, full of simple ideas...well laid out." — Frank Wise School, Banbury

    "The general principles are extremely useful." — Bardwell School, Bicester

    "What a wonderful resource!" — Update

    "This book offers a host of stories...clearly set out.... should be open for anyone to involve their groups with ease...I love his one-word poetry, how can anyone resist." — Information Exchange

    "An excellent introduction to the work of Keith Park. Clear, concise...provides the reader with a wealth of examples...a valuable resource for anyone wishing to enhance and extend their practice in this field." — Communication Matters

    "A good, useful read." — Facts & Fiction