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Interdisciplinary Studies

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Interdisciplinary Studies across the Humanities, Arts and Sciences is a book series that publishes edited collections derived from thematic issues of Interdisciplinary Science Reviews (Taylor & Francis) and is open to proposals from other sources. Like its originating journal, it takes ‘interdisciplinary’ to signify explorations from multiple disciplinary perspectives, either within the single contributions of a collection or by the collection as a whole. In the latter case, it is typically introduced by an essay which addresses a topic to be considered or to which the following chapters specifically respond.

Collections that merely apply a technique or approach from one discipline to a question or problem in another do not qualify, however illuminating the results may be. Nor do attempts at synthesis that ignore, gloss over or otherwise set aside differences in perspective. The objective is not to come to a unified perspective but to venture conversation on shared matters of concern from different points of view and critically to discuss the possibilities and ways ahead.

Further discussion may be found in Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 41.1, 1–5 (referenced in the journal’s "Aims and scope" online) and 47.1, 1–2. A number of examples beyond those already in the series may be found from ISR 35.3–4, History and Human Nature, onward.

The Editor of Interdisciplinary Studies welcomes inquiries. Write to Willard McCarty <[email protected]>.

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Science in the Forest, Science in the Past Further Interdisciplinary Explorations

Science in the Forest, Science in the Past: Further Interdisciplinary Explorations

1st Edition

Edited By Willard McCarty, Geoffrey E. R. Lloyd, Aparecida Vilaça
March 30, 2022

Science in the Forest, Science in the Past: Further Interdisciplinary Explorations comprises of papers from the second of two workshops involving a group of scholars united in the conviction that the great diversity of knowledge claims and practices for which we have evidence must be taken ...

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