1st Edition

International Intervention in the Post-Cold War World Moral Responsibility and Power Politics

    International intervention on humanitarian grounds has been a contentious issue for decades. First, it pits the principle of state sovereignty against claims of universal human rights. Second, the motivations of intervening states may be open to question when avowals of moral action are arguably the fig leaf covering an assertion of power for political advantage. These questions have been salient in the context of the Balkan and African wars and U.S. policy in the Middle East. This volume undertakes a serious, systematic, and broadly international review of the issues.

    1.The Emerging World Order: State Sovereignty and Humanitarian Intervention, Michael C. Davis Part I. International Legal Foundations 2. "Humanitarian Intervention": A Misnomer? Peter Baehr 3. Legitimacy and Lawfulness of Humanitarian Intervention, Tania Voon 4. Human Rights and the Question of International Criminal Courts and Tribunals, Robert Cryer Part II. The International Politics of Intervention 5. Problematizing Sovereignty: Relative Sovereignty in the Historical Transformation of Inter-state and State-Society Relations, Victoria Tinbor Hui 6. Weak States, State-Making, and Humanitarian Intervention: With a View from the PRC, Mark Evans 7. Humanitarian Intervention and the Interplay of Norms and Politics, Hiroki Kusano Part III. The Philosophy of Intervention 8. Redefining Human Beings: Where Politics Meets Metaphysics, Franca D'Agostini 9. Preceding Global Responsibility: Autonomy, Knowledge, Power, Nathalie Karagiannis 10. Reflections on the War on Terrorism, Daniela Ingruber Part IV. Regional Dialogues 11. The New NATO: An Instrument for the Promotion of Democracy and Human Rights? Rebecca Moore 12. NATO's War over Kosovo: The Debates, Dynamics, and Consequences, Giovanna Bono 13. The Reluctant Intervenor: The UN Security Council, China's Worldview, and Humanitarian Intervention, Michael Davis 14. Human Rights and Intervention in Africa, Rasheed Akinyemi Part V. Topics in Intervention 15. Distributive Justice, Globalization, and International Intervention: The New Roles of Multilateral Institutions, Alice Sindzingre 16. The Power of Responsible Peace: Engendering Reconstruction in Kosova, Chris Corrin Index


    Davis, Michael C.; Dietrich, Wolfgang; Scholdan, Bettina