2nd Edition

Interpersonal Communication Putting Theory into Practice

By Denise Solomon, Jennifer Theiss Copyright 2022
    572 Pages 102 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    572 Pages 102 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This fully revised text demystifies interpersonal communication skills by bringing the latest research together with practical guidance that prepares students to discern key communication dynamics and communicate more effectively in all areas of their lives.

    The new edition draws on current theory and research to guide students through the foundations of the discipline, recent developments in scientific research, and tips for improving their own interpersonal communication skills. In addition, readers will find:

      • Expanded coverage of technology and computer-mediated communication, including explicit examples of what interpersonal communication looks like online.
      • Invitations to engage with elaborated descriptions of theories and related resources on the companion website whenever prominent theories of interpersonal communication are mentioned in the text.
      • A commitment to gender inclusive language and topics, as well as a new feature, "IDEA: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access," that invites students to consider ways to address exclusion and inequity in interpersonal communication.

    The fully revamped companion website includes updates across all resources, additional videos, self-quizzes for students, and all-new instructor resources, which can be accessed at www.routledge.com/cw/solomon. Also new to the companion website for this edition are links to essays and videos featuring the work that students in the Communication Studies program at the California State Prison, Los Angeles County, produced in response to self-reflection prompts in the first edition. These materials provide insight into facets of interpersonal communication in these students’ lives, and they offer a broad range of rich life experiences.

    Interpersonal Communication: Putting Theory into Practice, Second Edition is ideal for undergraduate students in courses on interpersonal communication and communication skills.

    1. What Is Interpersonal Communication?

    Part 1: Foundations

    2. Culture and Interpersonal Communication

    3. Identity and Interpersonal Communication

    4. Perception and Interpersonal Communication

    Part 2: Interpersonal Interaction

    5. Language and Interpersonal Communication

    6. Nonverbal Communication

    7. Emotions and Communication

    8. Listening and Responding

    Part 3: Interpersonal Relating

    9. Developing and Ending Relationships

    10. Intimacy and Interpersonal Communication

    11. Communication in Families

    Part 4: Strategic Interpersonal Communication

    12. Interpersonal Influence

    13. Interpersonal Conflict

    14. Communicating Comfort and Support


    Denise Solomon is Liberal Arts Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences at the Pennsylvania State University, University Park, USA.

    Jennifer Theiss is Professor of Communication at Rutgers University, USA.

    "As might be expected from two of the field’s leading scholars, Solomon and Theiss have produced a first-rate survey of research and theory in interpersonal communication. Their treatment is comprehensive, current, and goes beyond exposition of foundational concepts by challenging students to consider the practical, ethical, and skill-development implications of the material covered in each chapter."

    John O. Greene, Purdue University, USA

    In Interpersonal Communication: Putting Theory into Practice (2nd ed.), Solomon and Theiss provide a well-balanced and theory-oriented approach to highlighting the multiple dimensions of interpersonal communication influences, processes, and outcomes in a variety of socially relevant and timely contexts. Presented in an easy-to-read logical format with a multitude of examples pertinent to undergraduate students, Solomon and Theiss’s thorough coverage of theory and research is accessible and will be enjoyable to anyone interested in better understanding the multi-faceted nature of communication.

    Jennifer A. Samp, University of Georgia, USA

    “This book provides a solid foundation to teach interpersonal communication skills that facilitate solutions to complex human problems. The authors find a great balance between density and presentation of core concepts. The book provides well-presented content for students to understand core concepts and significant issues, and to reflect on their own communication practices, experiences, and possibilities for making a difference through skillful interpersonal communication.”

    Ashley P. Duggan, Boston College, USA

    "Solomon and Theiss have done a terrific job translating complex theories and social science into practical language without sacrificing intellectual depth. The textbook reflects the latest social scientific knowledge about interpersonal communication and is chock-full of important real-life applications that encourage students to think about interpersonal communication. Solomon and Theiss speak directly to students with engaging examples and provocative questions. Every chapter contains crucial exercises for students to hone their social competencies and to reflect on their strengths."

    Susanne M. Jones, University of Minnesota, USA and Associate Editor of Mindfulness

    "Solomon and Theiss thoughtfully translate interpersonal communication research and theory into everyday life and examples. My students are left enchanted by the ways the text intersects with their own relationships and experiences, enabling them to be deliberate and thoughtful in their encounters and equipping them with relational skills that enrich their own lives and careers."

    Keli FazioThe College of New Jersey, USA