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These innovative language courses in Spanish, French and German use liaison interpreting to teach the spoken language to advanced students. A highly effective aid to language acquisition and consolidation, Interpreting Spanish, French and German will improve students' confidence in speaking and discussing a wide variety of contemporary topics.

Students learn a range transferable skills including:
* oral proficiency in both the language of study and English
* presentation skills
* linguistic flexibility
* cross-cultural awareness.

The courses in the Interpreting series will provide a popular alternative to conversation classes, and are ideal for those who have not taught interpreting before.

Each course pack includes:
* Tutor's Book: how to make lessons a success, with notes on class design, preparation, feedback and assessment and transcripts of dialogues on the cassettes
* Student Handouts: a wealth of photocopiable resources for use in and outside the classroom
* Audio Cassettes: 5-7 hours of dialogues and exercises for practice and revision.

An inspection pack containing sample material is available for each language.

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Interpreting French Advanced Language Skills

Interpreting French: Advanced Language Skills

1st Edition

By Margaret Lang, Isabelle Perez
May 16, 2014

This language course uses liaison interpreting to teach spoken French to advanced students. Designed to provide an alternative to conversation classes, it is a highly effective aid to language acquisition and consolidation. Interpreting French will improve students' confidence in speaking and ...

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