Intifada : The Palestinian Uprising book cover
1st Edition

The Palestinian Uprising

ISBN 9780367003623
Published September 13, 2019 by Routledge
256 Pages

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Book Description

"This book is intended as an overview of the uprising-the Intifada of the Palestinian Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza, territories occupied by Israel since the June 1967 war. In the two years since the Intifada began during December 1987, it has acquired unusual international importance and visibility and has led to a number of significant changes in the policies of the principal actors involved, especially Israel, the United States, the Palestine Liberation Organization, and the Palestinian inhabitants of the occupied territories. The Intifada has altered, in many ways, the dimensions of the Arab-Israeli conflict by rearranging the order of political and diplomatic priorities of those involved and by thrusting the conflict to the forefront of international attention. This book describes the background, origins, and causes of the uprising and its impact on the actors; it also examines the prospects for coping with it. I am obligated to my wife, Dr. Maya Peretz, for her assistance in preparing the manuscript and in helping to meet the publisher's deadlines, which sprang upon us more quickly than anticipated. Thanks also go to Deena Hurwitz, to Palestine Perspectives, and to the UNRWA Liaison Office in New York for the photos used. Finally, I wish to express my appreciation to the Rockefeller Foundation for the time I spent at its Study Center in Bellagio, Italy, during the final editing stage of this book."

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations -- Preface -- 1 Origins of the Intifada (Origins of Civil Resistance, 4 "Good Works" Versus Economic "Integration," 9 The Rise of Resistance to "Integration," 15 The Lebanese War and the Occupation, 19 "Improving the Quality of Life," 22 Twenty Years of Occupation, 27 Notes, 37) -- 2 Israeli Policies Coping with the Uprising (A New Situation? 40 Spontaneous Rebellion or PLO-Directed Revolt? 42 Iron Fist Measures Required, 45 Impact of IDF Methods on Israeli Troops, 47 Nonviolent Civil Resistance, 52 The IDF and Deportations, 58 Political Assassination, 60 Administrative Detention and Mass Arrests, 63 Curfews, 66 Conflict with Settlers, 69 Punitive Economic Measures, 71 Breaking Communal Structures, 74 Notes, 80) -- 3 The Impact of the Uprising on Political and Social Life in the Occupied Territories 83 (Leadership of the Intifada, 87 Community Organization, 90 Social Change, 94 Economic Impact, 97 Internal Divisions, 100 Objectives of the Intifada, 106 Impact of the Intifada, 113 Notes, 116 ) -- The Impact of the Uprising on Israeli Life( Public Attitudes and Perceptions, 119 Impact on the Military, 127 The Intifada and Israeli Politics, 134 The Emergence of New Peace Groups, 139 The Intifada and the Israeli Arabs, 143 The Intifada and Israel's Economy, 147 The Intifada and Israel's Foreign Policy, 152 Israel's Mood, 156 Notes, 160) -- International Repercussions of the Intifada ( The UN, the EEC, and Europe, 163 The Intifada and U.S.-Israeli Relations, 167 The American Jewish Reaction to the Intifada, 173 The Arab States and PLO Reactions, 181 Conclusion, 190 Notes, 193) -- Appendixes -- Selected Bibliography -- Index

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