Introducing the New Sexuality Studies : 3rd Edition book cover
3rd Edition

Introducing the New Sexuality Studies
3rd Edition

ISBN 9781138902947
Published August 17, 2016 by Routledge
718 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Introducing the New Sexuality Studies is an innovative, reader-friendly anthology of original essays and interviews that introduces the field of sexuality studies to undergraduate students. Examining the social, cultural, and historical dimensions of sexualities, this anthology is designed to serve as a comprehensive textbook for sexualities and gender-related courses at the undergraduate level.

The book’s contributors include both well-established scholars, including Patricia Hill Collins, Jeffrey Weeks, Deborah L. Tolman, and C.J. Pascoe, as well as emerging voices in sexuality studies. This collection will provide students of sociology, gender, and sexuality with a challenging and broad introduction to the social study of sexuality that they will find accessible and engaging.

Table of Contents

General Introduction  Part 1: Laying the Foundations  Introduction  1. Sexuality in the (Social) Construction Zone, Lars D. Christiansen and Nancy L. Fischer  2. Theoretical Perspectives: From sexology to queer theory, Steven Seidman  3. Black Sexual Politics Revisited: Interview with Patricia Hill Collins  4. Transforming the Sex/Gender/Sexuality System: The construction of trans categories in the U.S., Laurel Westbrook  5. Pioneering a Sociology of Sexuality: Interview of Jeffrey Weeks  6. Surveying Sex: Interview with Edward Laumann  Part 2: Sexual Bodies Introduction  7. Medicine and the Making of a Sexual Body, Celia Roberts  8. Polishing the Pearl: Discoveries of the clitoris, Lisa Jean Moore  9. Viagra and the Coital Imperative, Nicola Gavey  10. Sex and the Senior Woman, Meika Loe  11. The Body, Disability, and Sexuality, Thomas J. Gerschick  12. Orgasm, Juliet Richters  13. Anal Sex: Phallic and other meanings, Simon Hardy  Part 3: Genders and Sexualities Introduction  14. Unruly Bodies: Intersex variations of sexual development, Sharon Preves  15. From Transgender to Trans*: The ongoing struggle for the inclusion, acceptance and celebration of identities beyond the binary, Joelle Ryan  16. Adolescent Girls’ Sexuality: The more it changes, the more it stays the same, Deborah Tolman  17. "Guys are Just Homophobic": Rethinking adolescent homophobia and heterosexuality, C.J. Pascoe  18. Not "Straight," but Still a "Man": Negotiating non-heterosexual masculinities in Beirut, Ghassan Moussawi  19. How not to Talk About Muslim Women: Patriarchy, Islam and the sexual regulation of Pakistani women, Saadia Toor  20. Mis-Conceptions About Unintended Pregnancy: Considering context in sexual and reproductive decision-making, Jennifer A. Reich  Part 4: Sexual Fluidity and Sexual Identities  Introduction  21. Introducing Asexuality, Unthinking Sex, Ela Przybylo  22. Sexual Fluidity: Interview with Lisa Diamond   23. Learning to be Queer: College women’s sexual fluidity, Leila Rupp, Verta Taylor and Shaeleya D. Miller  24. The Bisexual Menace Revisited. Or, shaking up social categories is hard to do, Kristin G. Esterberg  25. Beyond Bi: Sexual fluidity, identity, and the post-bisexual revolution, April Callis  26. Shrinking Lesbian Culture: Interview of Arlene Stein   27. Straight Men and Women, James Joseph Dean  28. Sexual Narratives of "Straight" Women, Nicole LaMarre  29. Men’s Sexual Flexibility, Eric Anderson and Stefan Robinson  Part 5: Intimacies Introduction  30. Romantic Love: Interview with Eva Illouz  31. Sexual Capital and Social Inequality: The study of sexual fields, Adam Isaiah Green  32. Identities, Inequalities, and the Partners Of Trans Folks, Carey Jean Sojka  33. Gender and the Organization of Heterosexual Intimacy, Daniel Santore  34. Interracial Romance: The logic of acceptance and domination, Kumiko Nemoto  35. Inventions of Hetero-Sex in Later Life: Beyond dysfunction and coital imperative, Linn Sandberg  36. Sexual Politics in Intimate Relationships: Sexual coercion and harassment, Lisa K. Waldner  Part 6: Sexual Lifestyles  Introduction  37. Contesting the Culture Of Monogamy: Consensual nonmonogamies and polyamory, Christian Klesse  38. The Time of the Sadomasochist: Hunting with(in) the "tribus", Darren Langdridge  39. Dominatrixes and the BDSM Scene: Interview of Danielle Lindemann  40. The Racial and Sexual Stereotypes of the "Down Low" on, Salvador Vidal-Ortiz and Brandon Robinson  41. Sexual Liberation and the Creative Class in Israel, Dana Kaplan  42. Wikisexuality: A new category of sexuality in the virtual world, L. Ayu Saraswati  43. The Thorn in my Side: How ex-gays, ex-ex-gays and celibate gays negotiate their religious and sexual identities, SJ Creek  Part 7: Sexuality, Media and Commerce Introduction  44. Popular Culture Constructs Sexuality: Interview of Joshua Gamson  45. "She isn’t whoring herself out like a lot of other girls we see": Heteronormative propriety and "authentic" American girlhood on Taylor Swift forums, Adriane Brown  46. Gendered Dynamics of Social Media, Sander de Ridder and Sofie Van Bauwel  47. Internet Sex: The seductive "freedom to", Dennis Waskul  48. The Political Economy of Sexual Labor: Interview with Elizabeth Bernstein  49. Sex Workers: Interview with Wendy Chapkis  50. Intimate Labor in the Adult Film Industry, Heather Berg  51. Making Politics Explicit: Depicting authenticity in women-made pornography, Jill Bakehorn  52. Pleasure for Sale: Feminist sex stores, Alison Better  Part 8: Sexual Regulation and Inequality  Introduction  53. Sexuality, State, and Nation, Jyoti Puri  54. Children’s Sexual Citizenship, Kerry H. Robinson  55. One is not Born a Bride: How weddings regulate heterosexuality, Chrys Ingraham  56. The marriage contract, Mary Bernstein  57. Lesbian and Gay Parents: Situated subjects, Yvette Taylor  58. Purity and Pollution: Sex as a moral discourse, Nancy Fischer  59. Christianity and the Regulation of Sexuality in the United States, Joshua Grove  60. Healing (Disorderly) Desire: Medical-therapeutic regulation of sexuality, P.J. McGann  61. Sex and Power, Kristen Barber  Part 9: Sexual Politics Introduction  62. The Evolution of Same-Sex Marriage Politics in the U.S., Kathleen E. Hull  63. Gay Men and Lesbians in the Netherlands. Gert Hekma and Jan Willem Duyvendak  64. Queering the Sexual and Racial Politics of Urban Revitalization, Donovan Lessard  65. Transgender Biopolitics in the U.S.: Regulating Gender through a Heteronormative Lens, Jody Ahlm  66. Politics of Sex Education, Janice M. Irvine  67. The Pro-Family Movement, Tina Fetner  68. Iran’s Sexual Revolution, Pardis Mahdavi  69. War and the Politics of Sexual Violence, Margarita Palacios and Silvia Posocco  Part 10: Global and Transnational Sexualities  Introduction  70. Mexican Immigrants, Heterosexual Sex and Loving Relationships in the United States: Interview with Gloria Gonzalez-Lopez  71. Uganda’s anti-Homosexuality Bill: Reflections from a transnational frame, Marcia Oliver  72. Foreign-F Females: Debating women’s transnational sexualities in China, James Farrer  73. Condoms in the Global Economy, Peter Chua  74. Sexual Tourism: Interview with Julia O’Connell Davidson  75. Migrant Sex Work and Trafficking: Sorting them out, Laura Agustin  76. The Public and Hidden Sexualities of Filipina Women in Lebano, Hayeon Lee

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Nancy L. Fischer is an Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of Urban Studies at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. In 2009, she chaired the American Sociological Association’s Section on Sexualities. In 2013, she edited a special section of The Sociological Quarterly on Critical Heterosexuality Studies. Besides sexuality, her research interests include a project on the US secondhand and vintage clothing industry.

Steven Seidman is a Professor of Sociology at the University at Albany (SUNY) and world renowned in the field of sexuality studies. He has authored many books, including Romantic Longings (Routledge), Embattled Eros (Routledge), Beyond the Closet (Routledge), The Social Construction of Sexuality (Norton), and, recently, Intimacies (Routledge).