4th Edition

Introducing the New Sexuality Studies Original Essays

Edited By Nancy L. Fischer, Laurel Westbrook, Steven Seidman Copyright 2022
    820 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    820 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Introducing the New Sexuality Studies: Original Essays is an innovative, reader-friendly collection of essays that introduces the field of sexuality studies to undergraduate students. Examining the social, cultural, and historical dimensions of sexuality, this collection is designed to serve as a comprehensive yet accessible textbook for sexuality courses at the undergraduate level. The fourth edition adds 51 new essays whilst retaining 33 of the most popular essays from previous editions.

    It features perspectives that are intersectional, transnational, sex positive, and attentive to historically marginalized groups along multiple axes of inequality, including gender, race, class, ability, body size, religious identity, age, and, of course, sexuality. Essays explore how a wide variety of social institutions, including medicine, religion, the state, and education, shape sexual desires, behaviors, and identities. Sources of, and empirical research on, oppression are discussed, along with modes of resistance, activism, and policy change.

    The fourth edition also adds new user-friendly features for students and instructors. Keywords are italicized and defined, and each chapter concludes with review questions to help students ascertain their comprehension of key points. There is also an online annotated table of contents to help readers identify key ideas and concepts at a glance for each chapter.

    Part 1: Laying the Foundations

    1. Welcome to the New Sexuality Studies
    2. Steven Seidman

    3. Construction as a Social Process
    4. Lars D. Christiansen and Nancy L. Fischer

    5. The Shifting Boundaries of Sexual Morality
    6. Nancy L. Fischer

    7. Trans Categories and the Sex/Gender/Sexuality System: How Transforming Understandings of Sex and Gender can Shift Sexuality
    8. Laurel Westbrook

    9. Unthinking Compulsory Sexuality: Introducing Asexuality
    10. Ela Przybylo

    11. The Dos and Don'ts of Dating: Heterosexual and LGBTQ Dating Rituals as Sexual Scripts
    12. Ellen Lamont

    13. Why Sexual Identities, Behaviors, and Attractions Do Not Always "Match"
    14. Tony Silva

    15. Method Matters: Discovering How Early Motherhood, Monogamy, and Social Class Shape Young Women’s Sexuality
    16. Jamie Budnick

    17. Suicide Is Only Part of the Story: Telling Wounded Truths About LGBTQ Youth
    18. Tom Waidzunas

    19. Sex-Positivity: A Black Feminist Gift
    20. Angela Jones

      Part 2: Bodies and Behaviors

    21. The History and Politics of Sexual Intercourse
    22. Kerwin Kaye

    23. Polishing the Pearl: Discoveries of the Clitoris
    24. Lisa Jean Moore

    25. But Can You Ever Win? Genital Cosmetic Procedures, the Promise of Vulval Perfection, and the Production of Vulval Distress
    26. Virginia Braun

    27. The Social Meanings and Practices of Orgasm
    28. Juliet Richters

    29. Anal Sex: Phallic and Other Meanings
    30. Simon Hardy

    31. Rethinking Dick Pics
    32. Ben Light, Susanna Paasonen, and Kylie Jarrett

    33. Reconceiving Unintended Pregnancy: Considering Context in Sexual and Reproductive Decision-Making
    34. Jennifer A. Reich

    35. Sex in Later-Life: Beyond Dysfunction and the Coital Imperative
    36. Linn J. Sandberg

    37. "There’s Really No Reason to Settle": Size Acceptance as a Path to Sexual Empowerment
    38. Jeannine A. Gailey

      Part 3: Relating and Relationships

    39. Romance and Other Threats to Our Future
    40. Laurie Essig

    41. One is Not Born a Bride: Weddings and the Heterosexual Imaginary
    42. Chrys Ingraham

    43. Yes, No, Maybe So?: Inequalities in Sexual Consent and Sexual Pleasure for Young Adults
    44. Shannon Russell Miller

    45. What Do Vulnerability, Shame, and Mindfulness Have To Do With Intimacy?
    46. Jennifer Gunsaullus

    47. Interracial Romance: The Logic of Acceptance and Domination
    48. Kumiko Nemoto

    49. Romantic Apartheid: Digital Sexual Racism in Online Dating
    50. Celeste Vaughan Curington and Jennifer Hickes Lundquist

    51. Sexualized Othering in Multiracial Women’s Experiences with Sex and Romance
    52. Shantel Gabrieal Buggs

    53. Gay Racism: The Institutional and Interactional Patterns of Racism in Gay Communities
    54. C. Winter Han

    55. Gender Labor, Racework, and Trans Pleasure: Transgender Individuals’ Experiences in Intimate Relationships
    56. alithia zamantakis and Coumbah Sidibe

    57. "We Were on a BREAK!": Men Chasing Masculinity and Women Seeking Pleasure in Affairs
    58. Alicia M. Walker

    59. Polyamory, Mononormativity, and Polyqueer Kinship
    60. Mimi Schippers

      Part 4: Sex, Gender, and Sexuality

    61. Intersexy, but Fat: On the Selective Celebration of Bodily Differences
    62. Georgiann Davis

    63. Trans Sexualities: Identities, Relationships, and Desires
    64. Avery Tompkins

    65. Adolescent Girls’ Sexuality: Sexual Agency and the Renovated Sexual Double Standard
    66. Deborah L. Tolman

    67. "There’s No Such Thing as a Slut": Creating and Destroying the "Good Girl" in Taylor Swift’s Musical Persona
    68. Adriane Brown

    69. "Guys Are Just Homophobic": Rethinking Adolescent Homophobia and Heterosexuality
    70. C.J. Pascoe

    71. Not "Straight" But Still a "Man": Negotiating Non-Heterosexual Masculinities
    72. Ghassan Moussawi

    73. Straight Men and Women: Hegemonic and Counter-Hegemonic Straightness
    74. James J. Dean

    75. How "Regular Sex" Contributes to the Gender Gap in Orgasms
    76. Nicole Andrejek and Melanie Heath

    77. Sacred and Beastly Sex: Abstinence Pledges and Masculinity
    78. Sarah H. Diefendorf

    79. Heteroflexibility
    80. Héctor Carrillo

      Part 5: Social Structures and Institutions

    81. The Economy and American Marriage: Change and Continuity
    82. Erica Hunter

    83. The Marriage Contract: The Legal Context of Marriage
    84. Mary Bernstein

    85. The Elusive Goal of Sexual Health
    86. Steven Epstein

    87. Medicine and the Making of the Sexual Body
    88. Celia Roberts

    89. The Feminization of "Responsive" Desire
    90. Alyson K. Spurgas

    91. The Coloniality of Sexuality
    92. Vrushali Patil

    93. "I Am God’s Creation": Religion as a Positive Force in the Lives of LGBTQ+ Persons of Faith
    94. Orit Avishai

    95. The Politics of Sexuality and Gender Expression in Schools
    96. Melinda Miceli

    97. Sexual Education and Its Failures: From Social Inequalities to Intimate Possibilities
    98. Jessica Fields and Jen Gilbert

      Part 6: Navigating Inequalities and Oppressions

    99. The Body, Disability, and Sexuality
    100. Thomas J. Gerschick

    101. The Intersection of Sexuality and Intellectual Disabilities: Shattering the Taboo
    102. Alan Santinele Martino

    103. Disrupting Dichotomies: Non-Binary Sexual Identities
    104. Andrea D. Miller

    105. Creando Una Familia: LBQ Latinas Facilitating Bonds Through Shared Race/Ethnicity
    106. Katie L. Acosta

    107. "Heterosexual Families Do Not Have to Explain themselves": Heteronormativity in the Lives of LGBTQ+ Children and Parents
    108. Kate Henley Averett

    109. Intersected Lives: Race, Class, and Gender in Lesbian- and Gay-Affirming Protestant Congregations
    110. Krista McQueeney

    111. "The Thorn in My Side": How Ex-Gays, Ex-Ex-Gays, and Celibate Gays Negotiate Their Religious and Sexual Identities
    112. S. J. Creek

    113. The Racial and Sexual Stereotypes of the "Down Low"
    114. Salvador Vidal-Ortiz and Brandon Andrew Robinson

    115. Unspoiling Stigmatized Identities: Combatting Racial and Sexual Stigma
    116. Terrell J.A. Winder

      Part 7: Sexual Cultures, Places, and Scenes

    117. Sexual Capital and Social Inequality: The Study of Sexual Fields
    118. Adam Isaiah Green

    119. Belonging in Gay Neighborhoods and Queer Club Nights
    120. Amin Ghaziani

    121. Queering the Sexual and Racial Politics of Urban Revitalization
    122. Donovan Lessard

    123. "We Will Always Remember": Reactivating Queer Places as Expressions of Grief, Solidarity, and Protest After Pulse
    124. Theodore Greene

    125. The Changing Role of Gay Bars in American LGBTQ+ Life
    126. Greggor Mattson

    127. Learning to be Queer: College Women’s Sexual Fluidity
    128. Leila J. Rupp, Verta Taylor, and Shaeleya D. Miller

    129. Critical Consent: Negotiating Consent in Trans-Les-Bi-Queer BDSM Communities
    130. Robin Bauer

    131. Nurturing through Normalizing, Endangering through Dramatizing: Approaches to Adolescent Sex and Love
    132. Amy T. Schalet

      Part 8: Sexual Labor and Commerce

    133. The Sexual Economy and Nevada’s Legal Brothels
    134. Barbara Brents

    135. Inclusive Pleasure: Feminist Sex Shops
    136. Alison Better

    137. Looks for Sale: The Impact of Aesthetic Labor on Men Who Strip
    138. Maren T. Scull

    139. Intimate Labor in the Adult Film Industry
    140. Heather Berg

    141. Migrant Sex Work and Trafficking: Sorting them Out
    142. Laura Agustín

    143. Sex Work, the Victim, and the Anti-Trafficking Movement
    144. Kassandra Sparks

    145. Sex Workers’ Rights Activism in the United States: Navigating the Internet in an Age of S*x Work Censorship, State, and Corporate Surveillance
    146. Danielle Antoinette Hidalgo and Cinnamon Maxxine

    147. Challenging the Controlling Images of Vamps and Victims: Sex Work Activism in India
    148. Gowri Vijayakumar

      Part 9: Sexual Politics, Social Movements, and Empowerment

    149. Sexuality, State, and Nation
    150. Jyoti Puri

    151. Anti-Homosexuality Legislation and Religion Viewed from a Transnational Frame
    152. Marcia Oliver

    153. The Religious Right, Same-Sex Marriage, and LGBTQ+ Rights Activism
    154. Amy Stone

    155. The Evolution of Same-Sex Marriage Politics in the United States
    156. Kathleen E. Hull

    157. The Politics of Race, Class, and Gender in Queer Safer Sex
    158. Chris A. Barcelos

    159. Children’s Sexual Citizenship
    160. Kerry H. Robinson

    161. War and the Politics of Sexual Violence
    162. Margarita Palacios and Silvia Posocco

    163. The History of Activism against Sexual Violence and the Modern #MeToo Movement
    164. Rachel Loney-Howes

    165. A Public Health Approach to Campus Sexual Assault Prevention: Sexual Citizenship, Projects, and Geographies
    166. Jennifer Hirsch and Shamus Khan

    167. The Ally Paradox

    Patrick Grzanka


    Nancy L. Fischer is Professor and Chair of Sociology at Augsburg University in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Dr. Fischer is a former chair and former secretary of the American Sociological Association’s Section on Sexualities. She is co-editor of The Routledge Handbook of Heterosexualities Studies (Routledge, 2020) and, in 2013, edited a special section of The Sociological Quarterly on critical heterosexuality studies. Besides sexuality, her research interests include vintage fashion and urban studies.

    Laurel Westbrook is Professor of Sociology at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Dr. Westbrook is the author of Unlivable Lives: Violence and Identity in Transgender Activism (University of California Press, 2021). Their scholarship has also been published in Sexualities, Gender & Society, and the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, among others, and has been recognized with multiple awards from the American Sociological Association.