1st Edition

Introduction to Community Oral History

    The first book of the five-volume Community Oral History Toolkit sets the stage for an oral history project by placing community projects into a larger context of related fields and laying a sound theoretical foundation. It introduces the field of oral history to newcomers, with discussions of the historical process, the evolution of oral history as a research methodology, the nature of community, and the nature of memory. It also elaborates on best practices for community history projects and presents a detailed overview of the remaining volumes of the Toolkit, which cover Planning, Management, Interviewing, and After-the-Interview processing and curation. Introduction to Community Oral History features a comprehensive glossary, index, bibliography, and references, as well as numerous sample forms that are needed throughout the process of conducting community oral history projects.

    Chapter 1 Understanding the Study of History; Chapter 2 Defining Oral History, Defining Community; Chapter 3 Special Considerations for Community Oral History; Chapter 4 Community Oral History Tools and Technology; Chapter 5 Preserving and Using Oral History Materials; Chapter 6 Ethical Considerations for Oral Historians; Chapter 7 Exploring Best Practices for Community Oral History Projects; Chapter 8 Overview of the Community Oral History Toolkit;


    Mary Kay Quinlan, Nancy MacKay, Barbara W Sommer