2nd Edition

Introduction to Holography

By Vincent Toal Copyright 2023
    448 Pages 37 Color & 330 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    448 Pages 37 Color & 330 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This fully updated second edition of Introduction to Holography provides a theoretical background in optics and holography with a comprehensive survey of practical applications. It is intended for the non-specialist with an interest in using holographic methods in research and engineering.

    The text assumes some knowledge of electromagnetism, although this is not essential for an understanding of optics, which is covered in the first two chapters. A descriptive approach to the history and principles of holography is followed by a chapter on volume holography. Essential practical requirements for successful holographic recording are explained in detail. Recording materials are considered with detailed discussions of those in common use. Properties peculiar to holographically reconstructed images are emphasised as well as applications for which holography is particularly suitable. Mathematical tools are introduced as and when required throughout the text with important results derived in detail. In this new edition, topics such as photopolymers, dynamic holographic displays, holographic optical elements, sensors, and digital holography are covered in greater depth. New topics have been added, including UV and infrared holography, holographic authentication and encryption, as well as particle beam, X-ray, and acoustic holography. Numerical problems are provided at the end of each chapter.

    This book is suitable for undergraduate courses and will be an important resource for those teaching optics and holography. It provides scientists and engineers with knowledge of a wide range of holographic applications in research and industry, as well as an understanding of holography’s potential for future use.

    Part I: Optics 

    1. Light, Waves, and Rays. 

    2. Physical Optics 

    Part II: Principles Of Holography

    3. Introducing Holography 

    4. Volume Holography  

    Part III: Holography In Practice 

    5. Requirements for Holography 

    6. Practical Recording Materials 

    7. Recording and Reconstruction in Practice 

    Part IV: Applications 

    8. Holographic Displays 

    9. Other Imaging Applications 

    10. Holographic Interferometry 

    11. Holographic Optical Elements 

    12. Holographic Data Storage and Information Processing 

    13. Digital Holography 

    14. Computer-Generated Holograms 

    15. Holography and the Behavior of Light 

    16. Polarization Holography 

    17. Holographics Sensing 

    18. Ultraviolet and Infrared Holography 

    19. Holographic Authentication and Encryption  

    20. X-ray Holography  

    21. Electron and Neutron Holography 

    22. Acoustic Holography


    Vincent Toal was formerly Director of the Centre for Industrial and Engineering Optics and Head of the School of Physics at Dublin Institute of Technology, now the Technological University Dublin. He gained the BSc degree in Physics and Mathematics from the National University of Ireland, an MSc degree in Optoelectronics at Queen’s University, Belfast and a PhD in Electronic Engineering at the University of Surrey. He is a member of Optica with research interests in optics and holographic applications.