1st Edition

Introduction to Philosophy
A Handbook for Students of Psychology, Logic, Ethics, Aesthetics and General Philosophy

ISBN 9781138605428
Published July 29, 2018 by Routledge
274 Pages

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Book Description

First published in 1927, this translation of Kulpe’s ‘Einleitung in die Philosophie’, 1895, covered psychology, logic, ethics, esthetics and general philosophy. The author adopted a uniform approach of positivity, interest and impartiality, aiming his work at a wider public than students of philosophy. The volume was intended as an elementary but complete guide to philosophy, past and present and included facts and arguments previously confined to philosophical encyclopaedias.

Table of Contents

1. The Purpose of an Introduction to Philosophy. 2. The Definition of Philosophy. 3. The Classification of Philosophy. 4. Metaphysics. 5. Epistemology. 6. Logic. 7. Natural Philosophy. 8. Psychology. 9. Ethics and the Philosophy of Law. 10. Aesthetics. 11. The Philosophy of Religion. 12. The Philosophy of History. 13. Supplementary and Critical Remarks. 14. Classification of Schools of Philosophy. 15. Singularism and Pluralism. 16. Materialism. 17. Spiritualism. 18. Dualism. 19. Monism. 20. Mechanism and Teleology. 21. Determinism and Indeterminism. 22. The Theological Schools in Metaphysics. 23. The Psychological Schools in Metaphysics. 24. Rationalism, Empiricism and Criticism. 25. Dogmatism, Scepticism, Positivism and Criticism. 26. Idealism, Realism and Phenomenalism. 27. Theories of the Origin of Morality. 28. The Ethics of Reflexion and the Ethics of Feeling. 29. Individualism and Universalism. 30. Subjectivism and Objectivism. 31. The Problem of Philosophy. 32. The Philosophical System.

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