1st Edition

Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

By Teresa Chahine Copyright 2016
    314 Pages 53 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    Social entrepreneurship is a revolution occurring around the world today. People from all walks of life are developing and implementing innovative, effective, and sustainable solutions in response to social and environmental challenges. These solutions include products, services, and interventions brought to market by new startups and existing organizations, both for-profit and non-profit.

    Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship summarizes the basic steps and tools needed to understand the challenge you are tackling, develop potential solutions, build a business model, measure, and grow your impact. Featuring case studies and interviews with leaders in the field, this comprehensive guide spans multiple sectors, including health, the environment, education, agriculture, commerce, finance, and retail. Designed for readers of all backgrounds, this book will change the way you look at today’s world and what you do about it.

    Further resources and information can be found at http://teresachahine.com/

    How This Book Works
    Sustainable Development
    Why Is Social Entrepreneurship Different from Commercial Entrepreneurship?
    How Is Social Entrepreneurship Different from Other Forms of Social Progress?
    Institutions Supporting Social Entrepreneurs
    Common Characteristics in Social Entrepreneurship
    What Are Some of the Basic Skills Needed for Social Entrepreneurship?
    How to Use This Book
    Learning Tools
    Learning Objectives
    Summary and Next Steps
    Your Assignment for This Chapter
    Social Ventures Mentioned in This Chapter

    Characterizing Your Challenge
    Part One: Introduction
    Two Important Viewpoints
    Scope of This Chapter
    Data Is Power
    Approaching Your Topic
    Part Two: A Framework for Characterizing Your Challenge
    Part Three: How to Select Your Topic
    Part Four: Digging Deeper
    Analyzing Your Results
    Summary and Next Steps
    Exercise: Your Challenge

    Cocreating with the Community
    "Community"—What Does This Mean?
    Piecing Together Pieces of the Puzzle
    The Social Entrepreneur as a Connector
    Catalyzing Change
    Who Is Your Starting Team?
    Step 1. Assessing Stakeholders for Knowledge Exchange
    Step 2. Community-Driven Research
    Step 3. Creating Collective Capacity
    Checklist: AAAQ
    Reflective Practice
    Summary and Next Steps
    Exercise: Your Homework
    Social Ventures Mentioned in This Chapter
    Case Study: Ciudad Saludable

    Designing Your Solution
    Levels of Innovation
    Failing Is Part of the Process
    Innovation and Design
    Generating Ideas, Models, and Solutions
    Who Is Your Design Team?
    Building Your Solution
    Designing a System around Your Product or Service
    Beyond Design
    Your Theory of Change
    Summary and Next Steps
    Exercise: Your Deliverables
    Social Ventures Mentioned in This Chapter
    Case Study: Hippocampus Learning Centers

    Market Strategy
    The Multidimensional Market
    Compass: Vision, Mission, Values
    Value Proposition and Unique Selling Point
    Market Size: Defining Your Denominator
    Social Market Strategy
    Tool: Business Canvas
    Market Research
    Summary and Next Steps
    Exercise: Taking Your Solution to Market!
    Social Ventures Mentioned in This Chapter
    Case Study: Daily Table

    Delivering Your Solution
    Operations and Distribution
    What Is Operations?
    Distribution Models
    Success Factors across Distribution Models
    Strategic Partnerships
    Your Biggest Resource: Your Team
    Summary and Next Steps
    Exercise: How Will You Deliver Your Solution?
    Example Social Ventures from This Chapter
    Case Study: Aravind

    Measuring Impact
    Targeting Success
    Different Metrics for Different Fields
    Before You Start
    What to Look for in Your Impact Metrics
    Further Considerations
    Building Your Logical Framework
    How to Choose Your Targets
    Setting Up an M&E System
    Assessing Your Results with Your Stakeholders
    Summary and Next Steps
    Exercise: Measuring Success
    Social Ventures Discussed in This Chapter
    Case Study: Nuru International

    Completing the Business Model
    Building Your Budget
    Revenue Models
    Timeline and Phasing
    Staying Lean
    Business Models
    Uncertainty and Risk
    Know Your Limitations
    Tool: SWOT Table
    Summary and Next Steps
    Building a Viable Venture

    Pitching and Networking
    Getting the Support You Need to Make This Happen
    Why Do You Need a Business Plan?
    How to Write a Business Plan
    Presenting and Pitching Your Plan
    Pitching Tips
    Building Your Network
    So You’ve Got Your Business Plan… Now What?
    Finding Your Tribe
    Summary and Next Steps
    Exercise: Putting It Down on Paper
    Social Ventures from This Chapter

    Funding Your Venture
    Creating Your Resource Dashboard
    Sources of Funding
    Types of Funding
    Social Investment Approaches
    Finding the Right Approach for You
    Summary and Next Steps
    Exercise: Funding Your Venture
    Social Ventures Mentioned in This Chapter

    Building the Organization
    Legal Structure
    Organizational Health
    The Board
    Leadership beyond the Founders
    Summary and Next Steps
    Exercise: Reflections
    Social Ventures Mentioned in This Chapter

    Communicating Your Venture
    What Are the Different Components in Your Communications?
    The "Who" and the "Why"
    The "What"
    The "How"
    Evaluate Your Communications
    Different Strategies Needed for Different Settings
    Different Skills Needed for Different Stages
    Tips and Pointers across Audiences, Media, and Messages
    Summary and Conclusions
    Exercise: Your Communications Strategy

    Managing Growth
    Part One: Achieving Scale
    Part Two: Beyond Scale
    Don’t Get Swept Away
    Reverse the Tide: Changing the Way Business Is Done
    Changing the Field You’re Playing In
    Expanding Your Scope of Impact
    Seeing the Forest from the Trees
    Mechanisms for Expanding beyond Your Venture
    Building a Culture of Change
    Avoiding a Bubble
    Taking the Next Steps Together
    Exercise: Fueling Growth


    Dr. Teresa Chahine is the Social Entrepreneurship Program Leader at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, Center for Health and the Global Environment. She teaches social entrepreneurship at Harvard Chan School and Harvard Extension School, and trains social entrepreneurs worldwide. Dr. Chahine is also the Director of Alfanar Lebanon, which she launched in 2012. Alfanar is a venture philanthropy organization supporting social entrepreneurs in Lebanon and Egypt since 2004. To learn more about her work and how you can get involved, visit www.chgeharvard.org and www.alfanar.org. Connect with her on Twitter @teresachahine.

    "Everybody is a changemaker! We can teach and learn skills that help us make more effective and lasting changes. This textbook is a valuable guide to get that journey started. What are you waiting for?"

    Bill Drayton, Founder and CEO, Ashoka, USA

    "Social Business is a special form of social entrepreneurship where the entrepreneur is not interested in making personal profit, the business is devoted entirely to solving human problems. Chahine's book will make it easy to understand the whole spectrum of social entrepreneurship."

    Muhammad Yunus, Yunus Centre & Grameen Bank, Bangladesh

    "This book stands out as a landmark publication in the social enterprise literature. We had been waiting for it and now it is here! Whether you are a youth grassroots leader or a senior government official, you need the tools and the mindset to slowly but surely make cutting-edge change. This book can help you organize your thoughts and your steps towards action."

    HE Dr. Laila Iskandar, Founder, CID Consulting, Egypt, former Minister of State for Environment Affairs and Minister for Urban Renewal and Informal Settlements, Egypt, Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur of the Year, Goldman Environmental Prize winner

    "This book is like an encyclopedia of insight on social entrepreneurship. Each person will go through it in a different way depending on their needs...there are many different pathways."

    David Bornstein, CEO, Solutions Journalism Network, USA

    "A great addition to the field and extremely well constructed."

    Susan Davis, former President & CEO, BRAC, USA

    "A thoughtful, comprehensive book teeming with case studies and practical guidance to set any aspiring social entrepreneur on the right path. Chahine has adeptly distilled many valuable lessons into a book that inspires and educates with every page. If only it had been around 15 years ago when I began my own journey into the world of social entrepreneurship!"

    Willy Foote, Founder and CEO, Root Capital, Cambridge, USA

    "Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship is a comprehensive manual for the (potential) beginner social entrepreneurs that guides them step-by-step in developing and implementing a social venture."

    Nicolae CutaSocial Economy Development Foundation, Craiova, Romania