Introduction to SolidWorks : A Comprehensive Guide with Applications in 3D Printing book cover
1st Edition

Introduction to SolidWorks
A Comprehensive Guide with Applications in 3D Printing

ISBN 9781498731195
Published December 19, 2016 by CRC Press
1193 Pages 2071 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This senior undergraduate level textbook is written for Advanced Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing, as well as CAD/CAM courses. Its goal is to assist students in colleges and universities, designers, engineers, and professionals interested in using SolidWorks as the design and 3D printing tool for emerging manufacturing technology for practical applications. This textbook will bring a new dimension to SolidWorks by introducing readers to the role of SolidWorks in the relatively new manufacturing paradigm shift, known as 3D-Printing which is based on Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology.

This new textbook:

  • Features modeling of complex parts and surfaces
  • Provides a step-by-step tutorial type approach with pictures showing how to model using SolidWorks
  • Offers a user-Friendly approach for the design of parts, assemblies, and drawings, motion-analysis, and FEA topics
  • Includes clarification of connections between SolidWorks and 3D-Printing based on Additive Manufacturing
  • Discusses a clear presentation of Additive Manufacturing for Designers using SolidWorks CAD software

"Introduction to SolidWorks: A Comprehensive Guide with Applications in 3D Printing" is written using a hands-on approach which includes a significant number of pictorial descriptions of the steps that a student should follow to model parts, assemble parts, and produce drawings.

Table of Contents

Section I Introductory Engineering

Design Principles with SolidWorks

1 Introduction

2 Geometric Construction Tools

3 Features

4 Part Modeling—CSWA Preparations

5 Advanced Part Modeling—CSWA Preparations

6 Creating Revolved, Swept, and Lofted Parts

7 Part Modeling with Equation-Driven Curves

8 Assembly Modeling—CSWA Preparations

9 Part and Assembly Drawings—CSWA Preparations

Section II Intermediate Engineering

Design Principles with SolidWorks

10 Reverse Engineering Using Auto Trace and FeatureWorks

11 Top–Down Design

12 Surface Modeling

13 Toolboxes and Design Libraries

14 Animation with Basic Motion

15 Animation with SolidWorks Motion

16 Rendering

Section III Engineering Design Practice with SolidWorks

17 Mold Design

18 Sheet Metal Parts—I

19 Sheet Metal Parts—II

20 Weldments

21 Routings in Piping and Tubing

22 Power Transmission Elements

23 Cam Design

24 Mechanism Design Using Blocks

25 Die Design

26 Aluminum Extrusion from Manufacturers’ Internet Websites

27 Geneva Wheel Mechanism

28 Event-Based Motion Analysis

29 Electrical Routing

30 Customized Internal and External Threads

31 Sustainability Design for Parts

32 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

33 Evaluating the Cost of Machined Parts

34 Finite Element Analysis Using SolidWorks

Section IV Introductory 3D Printing

35 Overview of Additive Manufacturing

36 Insight Software for Fortus Production Systems

37 CatalystEX Software User Guide for Dimension sst 1200es

38 Bead Design with Orientation Considerations

39 Building Tall Parts Using Surround Support

40 Vacuum Forming

41 Design for Assembly Manufacturing

42 Design Guidelines for Advanced Build Options

43 Design for Functionality

44 Mold Tooling Using Z-Corp Spectrum 510 3D Printer

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Godfrey Onwubolu holds BEng (University of Benin) and MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering (Aston University) and PhD degree in computer-aided design (CAD) (Aston University). His industrial experience is in manufacturing engineering in West Midlands, England. He was a consultant to a center of innovation for enabling small-to-medium enterprises, SMEs in the manufacturing sector. He works mainly in three areas: computer-aided design (CAD), advanced manufacturing (AM), and inductive modeling (IM). One of his textbooks in CAD is heavily used in many North American Universities and Colleges while the other is listed by the publishers, Imperial College Press, London as one of the top-10 bestsellers. He currently works in the area of Additive Manufacturing (AM) popularly known as 3D Printing where he continues to investigate the functionality of additive manufactured parts based on machine input parameters, in order to make users understand the characteristics of Additive Manufacturing Technologies. He is internationally recognized for his work in inductive modeling (IM) especially in Europe where he gives public lectures and examines doctoral theses in the area in Universities; and he is currently the Lead Researcher here at Sheridan in applying this technology to the joint Sheridan-Nexflow project for studying the behaviors of Nexflow air products based on their operational parameters. He has authored over 140 papers in international journals/conference proceedings and at least 10 textbooks. For several years he has been serving on the International Program Committee for Inductive Modeling Conference, Europe. He is currently on the Editorial Boards of International Journal of Manufacturing Engineering; and Production Planning & Control. He continues to use his expertise in the domains of CAD, AM, and IM of his career as an engineering and technology educator to impact knowledge to students, and to advance productivity in the manufacturing industry sector in Canada and beyond.


"This book is very thorough and each section is explained very clearly. There are a number of examples in each chapter and then exercises at the end which should ensure that students continue to build on their knowledge. There will also be a link on the publisher’s website which will give access to examples for download. It is an ideal reference book for those seeking to either learn SolidWorks or advance their skills to the highest level."
—David Tanner, University of Limerick, Ireland

"The textbook provides an impressive coverage of the various drawing and design tools of SolidWorks. Obviously the book is an outcome of an extensive and meticulous work by an erudite in the domains of CAD and 3D printing. The extent of covered topics goes far beyond the basic SolidWorks capabilities, covering many advanced tools and features, such as finite element analysis, die design, power transmission elements, cam design, routing in piping and tubing, etc. The integration of 3D printing and SolidWorks modeling under one title offers a wider perspective to the interested readers.

The author presents the content in a plain and clear, yet detailed and all-inclusive writing style. This makes the book an excellent resource for users who are just starting with SolidWorks, as well as for users who would like to extend their knowledge in SolidWorks and are in need of applying it for specific applications.

By providing numerous tutorials and examples, the users are guided step-by-step through the design process in an organized manner. Exercises at the end of chapters provide ample opportunities for practicing and refining the acquired skills."
— Aleksandar Vakanski, University of Idaho, USA

"The book shows a comprehensive introduction to SolidWorks. The material within the text is laid out in a way that demonstrates all the essential features of SolidWorks in a clear and cogent manner. The material is organized in a way that each chapter builds on the material of the previous chapters allowing students to experience all aspects of the software. The interspersed tutorials are useful because they allow the student to apply those skills gained immediately with step by step guidance.
— Stephen Holler, Fordham University, New York, USA