1st Edition

Introduction to the Theories of Measurement and Meaningfulness and the Use of Symmetry in Science

By Louis Narens Copyright 2007
    184 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    This book is designed to be an introduction to the theories of measurement and meaningfulness, and not a comprehensive study of those topics. A major theme of this book is the psychophysical measurement of subjective intensity. This has been a subject of intense interest in psychology from the very beginning of experimental psychology. And from that beginning to the present day, it has continuously generated major controversies involving measurement and meaningfulness.

    Contents: The Need for Theories of Measurement and Meaningfulness. Part I: Measurement. Representational Measurement Theory. Symmetries and the Erlanger Program. Threshold Measurement. Magnitude Production. Torgerson's Conjecture. Part II: Meaningfulness. Meaningfulness Concepts From Measurement Theory. Preliminary Set Theory. Scientific Topics. Theories of Meaningfulness. Applications, Limitations, and Generalizations of Axiom System FST.


    Louis Narens