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Israeli Secret Services

Edited By Frank Clements Copyright 2008
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    by Routledge

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    The Israeli Institute for Intelligence and Special Services, the Mossad, is pobably the best known of the world's intelligence services, one of the most sespected and, certainly, one of the most intriguing. However, despite its fame, the available literature, other than Hebrew, is limited and scattered amongst a variety of subject areas because the tentacles of the Mossad are similarly varied. The aim of this volume is to document the range of English language material available on ±«f Mossad from its pre-official origins in Europe during the Second World War to ±e present period of the Middle East peace process.The organization had its origins in the aftermath of the Holocaust, being the agency responsible for organizing the illegal Jewish immigration into Palestine before becoming officially constituted in 1951. Since its formation the Mossad has been intimately involved in each of the significant events in Israel's history, including actions against its Arab neighbors, the hunting of wanted Nazis, spectacular actions such as the raid on Entebbe to free the hostages, counter-terrorist activities, and high technology espionage against friend and foe alike.This bibliography will be of interest to researchers covering intelligence activities and to students, scholars, and librarians interested in the history of Israel and its relations with its Arab neighbors. The early material on the Mossad will also be of special concern to students of the Holocaust and its aftermath.

    Intelligence Services: General Works; Israeli Intelligence: General; Mossad: General; Military Intelligence; Palestine: Illegal Immigration; Anti-Nazi Operations; Arab-Israeli Wars; Palestine Liberation Organization; Foreign Incursions; Rescue Operations


    Frank Clements