1st Edition

It's All Analytics! The Foundations of Al, Big Data and Data Science Landscape for Professionals in Healthcare, Business, and Government

By Scott Burk, Gary D. Miner Copyright 2020
    308 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    308 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    308 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    It's All Analytics! The Foundations of AI, Big Data and Data Science Landscape for Professionals in Healthcare, Business, and Government (978-0-367-35968-3, 325690)

    Professionals are challenged each day by a changing landscape of technology and terminology. In recent history, especially in the last 25 years, there has been an explosion of terms and methods that automate and improve decision-making and operations. One term, "analytics," is an overarching description of a compilation of methodologies. But AI (artificial intelligence), statistics, decision science, and optimization, which have been around for decades, have resurged. Also, things like business intelligence, online analytical processing (OLAP) and many, many more have been born or reborn. How is someone to make sense of all this methodology and terminology?

    This book, the first in a series of three, provides a look at the foundations of artificial intelligence and analytics and why readers need an unbiased understanding of the subject. The authors include the basics such as algorithms, mental concepts, models, and paradigms in addition to the benefits of machine learning. The book also includes a chapter on data and the various forms of data. The authors wrap up this book with a look at the next frontiers such as applications and designing your environment for success, which segue into the topics of the next two books in the series.

    Foreword Number One. Foreword Number Two. Foreword Number Three. Preface. Endorsements. Authors. Chapter 1. You Need This Book. Chapter 2. Building a Successful Program. Chapter 3. Some Fundamentals – Process, Data, and Models. Chapter 4. It's All Analytics! Chapter 5. What Are Business Intelligence (BI) and Visual BI? Chapter 6. What Are Machine Learning and Data Mining? Chapter 7. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and How It Differs from Machine Learning. Chapter 8. What Is Data Science? Chapter 9. Big Data and Bigger Data, Little Data, Cloud, and Other Data. Chapter 10. Statistics, Causation,  and Prescriptive Analytics. Chapter 11. Other Disciplines to Dive in Deeper: Computer Science, Management/Decision Science, Operations Research, Engineering (and More). Chapter 12. Looking Ahead. Index.


    Scott Burk, Gary D. Miner

    "Burk and Miner have created a map to guide anxious and overwhelmed executives to the rapidly changing and often unwieldy landscape of data and analytics techniques and technologies. Their survey cuts through the hype and hyperbole and enables data practitioners and non-practitioners to clearly communicate how to understand, optimize, and ultimately transform their business processes through analytics. Highly recommended."

    Josh Wills, Former Director of Data Engineering, Slack

     "It’s All Analytics! deserves a prominent place on executives’ bookshelves. Burk and Miner have undertaken a noteworthy challenge in their synthesis of data science, machine learning, data mining, artificial intelligence and statistics, presented at a level both useful and provocative to business leaders. The chapter on statistics particularly fills a gap in current discourse about the latest fashions in AI and Machine Learning."

    Loren Williams, Former Chief Data Scientist, Big Four

    "Almost every company in the world now understands the critical importance of collecting, processing, analyzing, and acting upon data. The largest hurdles impeding companies in this process aren't caused by technical limitations or a lack of trained specialists, but by the people who need to understand how it affects them, what can be done, and how to implement and manage it within their organization, but don't. In this book, Burk and Miner help to solve that problem in language that is straightforward, sensible, and based on their considerable experience. If actionable analytics is a key need for your organization, and you want to minimize the struggle and confusion required to implement it, you should read this book."

    Dylan Zwick, Former Director of Data Science at Overstock.com


    "….The rise of artificial intelligence brings us excitement and hope, but also causes some anxiety and even fear…….

    I am thrilled that Scott and Gary compact several decades of history of AI, data science, analytics, an incredible amount of terminology, concepts, and a comprehensive view of the current landscape, all into this one book…… which I find the most comprehensive and practical on the market …..If you have an ambition to sail in the sea of AI, this is the compass that you must carry in your pocket…."

    Xingchu Liu, Ph.D.

    President of BlackLocus

    The Home Depot Innovation Lab


    "There is a lot to like about this book. A whole lot…….The first thing I liked was that it was interesting. It doesn’t read like a cold, boring academic treatise. Instead it reads almost like a mystery novel – where one page invites the next. This plain spoken approach opens the doors of analytics to anyone who is interested…….And that is good. Because in the world to come, analytics is THE key to success and survival……..in tomorrow’s world analytics are going to become so pervasive that it will become as common as soda pop and ice cream……..In order to be able to swim with the sharks of tomorrow you have to have the basics of analytics……..This book is for anyone who wishes to be conversant in the language of tomorrow!"

    Bill Inmon, Denver, Colorado

    Recognized by many as the father of the data warehouse


    "…The applications of computational methods in machine learning and artificial intelligence are rapidly changing the world that we work and live in…….. It is becoming imperative for those at every level in companies and organizations (not to mention the general public) to understand both "what will AI do FOR me?" and "what will AI do TO me?"……..Fortunately, Scott Burk and Gary Miner have astutely recognized this gap in understanding and offer a starting point for bridging this gap in "It's All Analytics!". This volume provides a "20,000 foot overview" ……. The authors are uniquely qualified to deliver this overview as they are both not only industry practitioners of these technologies, but also educators skilled at making these topics accessible to the neophyte…….. a timely, engaging, useful, and highly informative…"

    John W. Cromwell, M.D., FACS, FASCRS

    Associate Chief Medical Officer | Director of Surgical Quality and Safety

    University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics

    Director, Division of Gastrointestinal, Minimally Invasive, and Bariatric Surgery

    Clinical Associate Professor

    University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

    Faculty, Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Informatics

    University of Iowa Graduate College

    Iowa City, IA

    "…This book seeks to reduce the "sea of terms" in Data Science to a systematic terminology to describe general aspects of AI and Data Science. This system of terms will permit multiple stakeholders in an organization to speak the same "language" across the enterprise. This common language will permit close integration between analytics and those functions in the organization that precede analytics (e.g. database design and management) and those deployment functions that follow it (e.g. marketing campaigns)…… This book is Part I of a three-part series….….. Part II will focus on the design and architecture of the organization for success in analytics, from people to process to technology…… and Part III will provide a broad range of applications across industries…….All 3 books are needed to fully understand how to be successful apply analytics !!!"

    Robert Nisbet, Ph.D.

    Goleta, California

    Lead author of Handbook of Statistics and Data Mining Applications (2009, 1st Edition; and 2018 2nd Edition); Developer of successful AI and ML applications for Business, Banking, Industry, and Medical areas over the past 30 years. 

    "….Almost 30 years ago I began using the term "Information Democracy" to describe a world where everyone has timely, relevant and actionable insights to carry out the tasks associated with their role – and align them with the overarching strategy of the organization…… Since that time, a majority of organizations report that less than half of their users have such access (to data and analytics)…….and only a third of organizations claim high or extremely high data literacy…….The only way that we can make real progress is through education about the importance and value of business intelligence and analytics, increasing data literacy and establishing a solid understanding of all relevant approaches. To that end, Drs. Burk and Miner have created an excellent addition with this book ……. their approach has made many of these topics readily accessible to the novice or manager seeking a basic understanding as well as to the data science professional seeking a well-organized reference…."

    Howard Dresner

    Chief Research Officer

    Dresner Advisory Services