Japan Illustrated, Part 1: 1934-1936 (6-vol. ES set)  book cover
1st Edition

Japan Illustrated, Part 1: 1934-1936 (6-vol. ES set)

Edited By

Reiko Tsuchiya

ISBN 9784861661655
Published August 22, 2019 by Edition Synapse
2650 Pages

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Book Description

This is the first part of the complete reprint of Japan Illustrated 1934-1938, the most important photographic yearbook of Japan in the pre-WW2 period. With the advice of Kentaro Kaneko, statesman and diplomat, and Miles Walter Vaughn, an influential American journalist in Japan, it was launched by Nippon Dempo News Agency (now called Dentsu), the leading press and advertisement agency, and played an important role to promote Japan and improve the cultural image of the country which was being criticised by Western society for military aggression.

Each yearbook, which includes many photos and plate sections, describes current affairs and holds the latest trade data. There is a ‘General Guide for Foreign Travellers’, which includes detailed information of famous tourist places to visit and the regions of Japan, and introduces local culture and seasonal events. There are also chapters about the Japanese colonies like South Sea Islands, Taiwan, Chosen, Karafuto, and Manchu. Each yearly volume carries advertisements of more than 200 companies from where some hard-to-find data of Japanese business activities of the time can be obtained. Although the yearbook lasted only a few years, it covered one of the most interesting period of Japanese modern history, and its complete reprint will provide scholars and students of the subject with valuable source both textually and visually.

Table of Contents

PART I: A Year Book of Japan

Chapter I: The Imperial Court of Japan

Chapter II: Geography and Climate

Chapter III: Population (Increase of Population, Local Distribution of Population, Urban Population, Age Distribution of Population, Japanese Subjects Abroad, Foreigners in Japan (1934) … etc.)

Chapter IV: Government

Chapter V: Political Affairs During 1934-35 (Tax increase, Change of high officials, The 66th & 67th Diet session, Self-Government for Taiwan, The November Incident, Investigation Bureau of the Cabinet, Major political parties… etc.)

Chapter VI: The Army (Present organization, Protection of Military Secrets , Map of fortresses in Japan … etc.)

Chapter VII: The Imperial Navy (Naval education, Warships, Naval districts and stations, Fleet formation in 1935 … etc.)

Chapter VIII: Foreign Relations(General introduction, Manchoukuo, China, U.S. S.R., United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Brazil, Egypt… etc.)

Chapter IX: The Press

Chapter X: Communications

Chapter XI: Education(Elementary education, Secondary education, Higher education, The Pan-Pacific New Education Conference Description of universities and colleges… etc.)

Chapter XII: Social Work (Aid by the Imperial House, Employment exchanges, Dismissal allowances, Health protection, The Dojunkai Foundation, The Foundation for the Promotion of Scientific and Industrial Research in Japan, Bunka Shinkokai, The Japanese Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis, The Kyochokai, The Saiseikai, The Kitasato Institute, The Dai Nippon Fire Prevention Association, Nippon Inu Hozon Kai… etc.)

Chapter XIII: Religion(Enryakuji, Christianity, Tenrikyo, The Chion-in temple, The Soziji temple, The Hompa Hongwanji, The Tsukiji Hongwanji, The Eastern Hongwanji, The Eiheiji temple, Koyasan, The Kwannon Hall of Asakusa, Narita San, Catholic institutions… etc.)

Chapter XIV: Basic Industries

Chapter XV: Industry (Cotton textiles of Japan, Katakura & Company, Nippon Iron Mfg. Co. … etc.)

Chapter XVI: Foreign Trade (Trade between Japan and U. S., Trade with South Asia & Australasia, Trade with Scandinavia, Soviet-Japanese Trade, Japan's South American Trade, Japan's African Trade, Trade with Central America, Foreign Trade of Chemicals, Japanese-German Trade, Japanese-German Trade Relations, by Dr. Harald von Waldheim… etc.)

Appendices (List of Diplomatic Representatives in Tokyo, Foreign Consulates in Japan… etc.)

Business Directory

PART II: General Guide for Foreign Travellers

Chapter I: Kwanto and Tohoku

Chapter II: Chubu Region

Chapter III: Kinki Region

Chapter IV: Chugoku and Kyushu

Chapter V: Hokkaido

Chapter VI: Overseas Possession(Chosen, Keijo, South Sea Islands, Karafuto, Kwantung Leased Territory, Dairen)

PART III: Special Articles

I. Sacred Architecture in Japan, by Dr. Chuta Ito / II. Sino-Japanese Cultural Cooperation, by Chikao Fujisawa, former Professor of the Kyushu Imperial University / III. The Pine Avenue of the Tokaido, by Henry Noel, Tokyo Correspondent of "Le Petit Parsien" / IV. Japanes Journalism and Advertising, by Sekizo Uyeda, Managing Director of Nippon Dempo News Agency/ V. Beauty of Avenue Trees, by Dr. Ihachiro Miura, Professor at the Tokyo Imperial University

Supplement on Manchoukuo

Chapter I: Introduction / Chapter II: The Evolution of the Manchou Empire / Chapter III: Foreign Relations (On the General Progress of Manchoukuo, by Foreign Minister Chang Yen-ching) / Chapter IV: Economic Affairs / Chapter V: Finance / Chapter VI: Trade and Commerce / Chapter VII: Transportation and Communications / Chapter VIII: Industry (The Transfer of the N.M.R.)

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Professor Reiko Tsuchiya is based at the School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University, Japan