1st Edition

John Constable and the Fishers The Record of a Friendship

By R B Beckett Copyright 1952

    First published in 1952, John Constable and the Fishers is based on original letters which have never been published in full before. These have been woven into a connected narrative dealing with the friendship which existed between Constable and various members of the Fisher family, more particularly the Bishop of Salisbury (a personal friend of George III who entrusted him with the education of Princess Charlotte as heiress to the throne) and his nephew the Archdeacon of Berkshire. The Archdeacon’s letters give a picture of life in a cathedral closed and country vicarages, reminiscent of Trollope’s Barchester and Thomas Hardy’s Wessex. In return Constable confides his ideals and ambitions; and as Mr. Grigson suggests in his introduction, the encouragement he received from the Fishers may have had a decisive effect on the future of landscape art. The letters are fully annotated and are illustrated with connected works done by Constable. This book will of interest to students of history, art and literature.

    Preface Editor’s Note Prologue 1. 1798-1810: Enter the Good Bishop 2. 1811-1812: Young John Fisher 3. 1813-1816: Three Marriages 4. 1816-1818: Osmington 5. 1819—1820: The White Horse, and Stratford Mill 6. 1820-1821: A Visit to Leydenhall 7. 1821: The Visitation of Berkshire: And Skies Over Hampstead 8. 1822: A Visitor from Paris 9. 1822: Difficult Times 10. 1823: Read of the Flowing Locks: And Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop’s Grounds 11. 1823: Gllingham 12. 1823: Coleorton 13. 1824: Arrowsmith Boys 14. 1824: A Meeting in Town: Brighton: And A Music Festival 15. 1824: Trouble with Tinny: And News from France 16. 1825: The Shows of Bath 17. 1825: The Bishop Returns to Windsor 18. 1826: Thoughts of Osmington 19. 1826: The Glebe Farm 20. 1827-1828: Maria’s Death 21. 1829: Salisbury Revisited 22. 1830-1837: The Close of a Friendship Appendix Acknowledgements Index


    R B Beckett