1st Edition

Journey of a Single Cell to a Plant

ISBN 9781578083527
Published January 1, 2005 by CRC Press
384 Pages

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Book Description

In plants, the ability to regenerate identical individuals from single cells is the basis for modern agriculture. These scientific advancements have given us virus-free stocks, novel germplasms, clonal propagation systems, and the commercial introduc-tion of difficult to propagate plant species. The timescale for breeding programs was dramatically reduced as plant tissue culture technologies were developed to shorten the time between generations and reduce the number of generations required for a line to be developed. Without the capacity to regenerate plants, it would not have been possible for plant biotechnology and genetic engineering to have advanced this far. This book contains detailed reviews by the leading scientists who made these discoveries.

Table of Contents

Totipotency and Proof of the Concept: A Historical Perspective: A.D. Krikorian; Isolation and Culture of Plant Protoplasts: Historical Perspectives and Current Status: Michael R. Davey et al.; Plant Protoplasts: Consequences of Cellular Nudity: Attila Feh r et al.; Protoplasts: Consequences and Oppurtunities of Cellular Nudity: K. Peter Pauls; Plant Coated Vesicles Exposed: Ultrastructural and Biochemical Studies of Cultured Cells and Protoplasts: L.C. Fowke; Discovery of Anther Culture Technique of Producing Pollen Haploids: S.C. Maheshwari; Plants from Haploid Cells: K.J. Kasha; Skoog and Miller Legacy: 45 Years of Manipulating Plant Growth: Susan J. Murch; Somatic Embryogenesis: V. Raghavan; Somatic Embryogenesis in Carrot Suspension Cultures as a Model System for Ex-pression of Totipotency: Koji Nomura and Atsushi Komamine; Zygotic Embryogenesis: V. Raghavan; Principles of Micropagation: Alan C. Cassells; Micropropagation of Floricultural Crops: GR Rout and S. Mohan Jain

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