1st Edition

Juvenile Justice in Double Jeopardy
The Distanced Community and Vengeful Retribution

ISBN 9781138973954
Published October 17, 2016 by Psychology Press
220 Pages

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Book Description

Throughout her entire career, Judge Polier continually fought for the rights and needs of the poor. In this volume she describes the granting and denial of justice toward the poor -- particluarly poor children -- she observed during her tenure as a Family Court Judge in New York City. The book discusses the current state of the justice system and the outlook for the future. This volume helps readers understand how broadly shared the responsibility for the neglect of today's youth is and how society must reshape its attitudes and realign its priorities to help the thousands of children who are dependent upon the public for care and support.

The book identifies how the courts have been weakened by their loss of direct contact with delinquent and neglected children and the "need for humanity and respect in dealing with difficult human problems." (from the introduction).

From her personal experiences and observations, Judge Polier describes the granting and denial of justice she observed while she consistently emphasizes the need for direct contact with delinquent and neglected children. For students, professional, and researchers in sociology, criminal justice, and any social science discipline dealing with children and children's problems, Polier's book provides a behind-the-scenes look at one of the major problems facing society today.

Table of Contents

Contents: R.H. Bremner, Introduction. Fifty Years of Changing Political Winds. For Delinquents - The Tail End of Justice. The Drive for Punishment: Violence Against Youth. Neglected and Abused Children. The Search for Permanence. The Unmarried Mother, Illegitimacy and Adoption. Sex and the Double Standard. The Ups and Downs of Mental Health. Religious Separatism. Racial Discrimination. Postscript for the Future.

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"A valuable introductory treatise for students and professionals alike, especially those in public policy positions that influence policy choice."

"There is no easy way to capture the richness of this book. Virtually every page is peppered with keen, sometimes poignant commentary on society in general, on professionals in particular, and most of all on the injustices to the poor that were so central to the everyday concerns of this remarkable person. WHat can be said, however, is that the book is actually many books in one...Juvenile Justice in Double Jeopardy should be required reading for those who seek to influence what happens to the next generation."

"...Polier's historical account,....adds a rich and unique dimension to an otherwise familiar story. Readers...can expect...a series of rich, and often painful, tales that have considerable heuristic value. Although Polier paints with rather broad brush, the final scene is compelling."
Social Servic Review

"...[Polier's] ability to articulate real problems is sharp and profound...Children need champions like Justine Wise Polier."
The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease

"[There is] an ominous crisis in the future well-being of this country stemming from society's neglect of and hostility to the poor in general and poor children in particular."
from the Introduction

"The Department of Justice has turned its back on youth and supports only more secure incarceration and the building of more prisons. This is part of the wider government policy to further strip safety nets for the poor."
from the introduction

"Justice Polier asks us not only to respect the rights of the poor and troublesome children, but to recognize their vulnerability and promise."
Robert H. Bremner
from the Introduction to Juvenile Justice in Double Jeopardy