1st Edition

K-12 Education Finance New Directions for Future Research: a Special Issue of the peabody Journal of Education

Edited By Anthony Rolle Copyright 2004

    Education finance researchers tend to organize their thoughts on important issues by considering one of the four foundational perspectives: equity, efficiency, liberty, and adequacy. The six essays presented in this special edition of the Peabody Journal of Education base their work within the context of the four pillars and present new directions for future research. While some of the articles isolate a concept for closer scrutiny, others draw attention to more interactive aspects of the pillars in question. Each article leaves the reader with important information and insightful questions about both the usuage and efficacy of education finance policies.

    Volume 79, Number 3, 2004
    Contents: A. Rolle, E. Houck, Editors' Preface. G. Rodriguez, Vertical Equity in School Finance and the Potential for Increasing School Responsiveness to Student and Staff Needs. A. Rolle, Out With the Old--In With the New: Thoughts on the Future of Educational Productivity Research. P. McEwan, The Potential Impact of Vouchers. N. Alexander, Exploring the Changing Face of Adequacy. C. Roellke, E. Zielewski, P. Green, School Finance Litigation: The Promises and Limitations of the Third Wave. J.K. Rice, Commentary--Equity and Efficiency in School Finance Reform: Competing or Complementary Goods? A. Rolle, K. Liu, Concluding Remarks. BOOKNOTES: A.A. Baker, Inequality at the Starting Gate: Social Background Differences in Achievement as Children Begin School, by Valerie E. Lee and David T. Burkham. K.J. Rowley, Charter School Operations and Performance: Evidence From California. by Ron Zimmerman, Richard Buddin, Derrick Chau, Brian Gill, Cassandra Guarino, Laura Hamilton, Cathy Krop, Dan McCaffrey, Melinda Sandler, and Domonic Brewer. V.A. Storey, Teaching in America: The Slow Revolution. by Gerald Grant and Christine E. Murray.


    Anthony Rolle