1st Edition

Kaizen Teian 2 Guiding Continuous Improvement Through Employee Suggestions

    222 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    224 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    More than a guide to establishing a proposal system, this volume presents methods for teaching know-how. It gives each reader the principles for thinking creatively about improving his or her own work.

    This highly practical book is filled with easily understood explanations and examples of how to teach your employees to pursue excellence through kaizen teian.

    Before you can institute a successful kaizen teian program, you must have a firm understanding of its underlying principles and rules. This book concentrates on making those principles clear and focuses on the importance of consistently implementing proposals. Actual examples of implemented proposals from five leading Japanese companies illustrate the principles described, and numerous figures and case studies add clarity throughout. If you are ready to tap into the full potential of your work force, this book will help you to train them to seek out new and ever better ways to do their work.

    1. Kaizen means developing abilities
    2. Kaizen means solving problems
    3. Kaizen means dealing with causes
    4. Kaizen is a solution that deals with the real cause
    5. Kaizen requires resourcefulness
    6. Kaizen is teaching people to be resourceful
    7. Kaizen means pursuing a purpose
    8. Kaizen requires a transfer of know-how
    9. Kaizen means knowing when to eliminate, reduce, or change an activity
    10. Teian is helping people and the organization grow together
    11. Teian is on-the-job training through three-dimensional evaluation
    12. Teian is a barometer of leadership
    13. Kaizen that saves work and energy
    14. Kaizen proposal activity for improved manufacturing maintenance
    15. Sharing knowledge for unlimited improvement
    16. Kaizen proposal activity to improve printed circuit board production
    17. Harmonious improvement through kaizen teian


    Productivity Press Development Team