1st Edition

Kate Bush and Hounds of Love

By Ron Moy Copyright 2007
    158 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book presents a linear track-by-track musical analysis of Kate Bush's albums released between 1978 and 2005. It focuses on the 1985 album Hounds of Love and explores several important critical issues raised by the artist's work and position as a solo, female artist in an industry.

    Introduction Part One: Her Early Work 1. The Kick Inside 2. Lionheart 3. Never for Ever 4. The Dreaming Part Two: Hounds of Love 5. Commercial Context and Critical Reception of Hounds of Love 6. The Conceptual Work 7. Ideas and Influences 8. Hounds of Love 9. Summary 10. A Daughter of Albion?: Kate Bush and Mythologies of Englishness Genealogy 11. Creative Influences 12. Accent and ‘The Grain of the Voice’ 13. Language and Register 14. Style Indicators 15. Kate Bush and Auteur Theory 16. From Ingénue to Auteur 17. Shades and Degrees of Authorship 18. Audio Texts, Video Texts: Extensions or Detractions? 19. The Society of the Specular 20. Pop Video: History and Developments 21. An Overview of Kate Bush’s Early Videos 22. Hair of the Hound 23. Coming to Terms with Video 24. The Sensual World: The Video 25. The Line, The Cross and The Curve Part Three: Her Later Work 26. The Whole Story 27. The Period Leading up to The Sensual World 28. The Sensual World 29. This Woman’s Work 30. The Period Leading up to The Red Shoes 31. The Red Shoes 32. The Period Leading up to Aerial 33. Aerial: A Sea of Honey 34. A Sky of Honey 35. Coda: We Become Panoramic


    Ron Moy