1st Edition

Katherine Parr Printed Writings 1500–1640: Series 1, Part One, Volume 3

By Janel Mueller Copyright 1996

    The sixth and last queen of Henry VIII, and friend of Anne Askew, Katherine Parr (c.1513-1548) has a threefold claim to recognition for her contribution to the literary culture of her time. First, as a loving and adept stepmother to the royal children, who took a directive role in their education; second, as the patroness of a circle of Protestant humanist intellectuals who spearheaded the translation of Erasmus’s Latin Paraphrase upon the newe testamente; and third, as the author of the two vernacular religious works reproduced here, which established her as the earliest woman writer in English to see original works reach print and bear her name.

    Contents: Introductory note; Prayers or Medytacions; The Lamentacion of a synner; Appendix.


    Janel Mueller