1st Edition

Kinship and Marriage in the Soviet Union Field Studies

Edited By Tamara Dragadze Copyright 1984
    286 Pages
    by Routledge

    Kinship and Marriage in the Soviet Union (1984) presents articles by established Soviet anthropologists, writing on kinship and marriage in the countries of the USSR. They represent all the main Soviet regions and display the way in which scholars handle their data within a particular theoretical framework. The collection demonstrates both the style of Soviet scholars who write in social anthropology, and the richness of living traditions among the diverse nationalities of the Soviet Union.

    Part 1. Central Asia  1. The Wedding Ceremonies of the Turkmen Workers Sh. Annaklychev  2. The Kinship System and Customs Connected with the Ban on Pronouncing the Personal Names of Elder Relatives among the Kazakhs Kh. A. Argynbaev  3. Some Features of the Traditional Wedding Ceremony of the Uzbek-Durmen of the Southern Raions of Tadzhikistan and Uzbekistan N.G. Borozna  4. A Statistical Study of Indices of Single-Nationality and Mixed-Nationality Marriages in Dushanbe A.V. Kozenko and L.F. Monogarova  5. Legend: to Believe Or Not To Believe? V.N. Basilov  Part 2. European Russia  6. The Weddings of the Rural Population of the Kuban M.S. Shikhareva  7. The Connections Between the Contemporary Town and Village Family D.M. Kogan  Part 3. Baltic States  8. The Latvian Peasant Family L.N. Terent’eva  Part 4. The Caucasus  9. The Institution of ‘Modzmeoba’ (Adoptive Brotherhood): An Aspect of the History of the Relations Between Mountain and Valley Populations in Georgia Vera Bardavelidze  Part 5. Siberia  10. The Family Life of the Dolgans A.A. Popov  11. The Kinship Terminology of the Nganasan as a Historical Source L.A. Fainberg  Part 6. Theoretical Issues  12. Towards a Method of Gathering Field Material on Kinship Systems M.V. Kryukov  13. Systems of Kinship Terms and Systems of Social Categories N.M. Girenko


    Tamara Dragadze is an anthropologist, who studied in the UK before undertaking extensive fieldwork in the Soviet Union.