Knowledge, Service, Tourism & Hospitality : Proceedings of the Annual International Conference on Management and Technology in Knowledge, Service, Tourism & Hospitality 2015 (SERVE 2015), Bandung, Indonesia, 1-2 August 2015 book cover
1st Edition

Knowledge, Service, Tourism & Hospitality
Proceedings of the Annual International Conference on Management and Technology in Knowledge, Service, Tourism & Hospitality 2015 (SERVE 2015), Bandung, Indonesia, 1-2 August 2015

ISBN 9781138029200
Published March 7, 2016 by CRC Press
268 Pages

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Book Description

This proceedings volume contains papers presented at the 2015 International Conference on Management and Technology in Knowledge, Service, Tourism & Hospitality (SERVE 2015), covering a wide range of topics in the fields of knowledge and service management, web intelligence, tourism and hospitality. This overview of current state of affairs and anticipated developments will be of interest to researchers, entrepreneurs and students alike.

Table of Contents

Education & social behaviour

ESL Teachers’ knowledge on learner autonomy
Z. Hasim & A.R. Zakaria

Mother tongue education and ethnic identity of Malaysian Chinese secondary school students
P.Y. Ho, F.P. Chew & K.P. Thock

The acquisitions of knowledge in Chinese classical literature and academic achievement among the secondary schools’ students
C.F. Peng & P.S. Fong

Implementation of the LINUS program in Malaysian primary schools
C.F. Peng, C.H. Leng & F. Hutagalung

Librarians’ knowledge sharing behaviour
M.Z.H.M. Sawal, N. Noordin, R.A.R. Omar, A.L.A. Rahman & Z. Zakaria

Cross-racial supervision: Case conceptualization of supervisee-supervisor relationship
N.A. Rosli

Self-reflection: Self-assessment of supervision related to knowledge and skills
N.A. Rosli

Asian supervisor-western supervisee: Personal approach to supervision
N.A. Rosli

Parental involvement in students’ academic achievement: A preliminary study
J. Kandasamy, F. Hutagalung, M.R.A. Razak & Z.Md. Isa

Approaches and models of behaviour management in classroom
C. Yusof, M.N. Mariani & S. Hafiza

The emphasis of Higher Order Thinking (HOT) in the curriculum and the implementation in reality
C.C.S. Fern & U.K.M. Salleh

Homeschooling: An alternative to mainstream
L.C. Yin, A.R. Zakaria & H. Baharun

Perception and expectation of parents and students regarding choice of secondary school type
M.S.A. Patah, A.R. Zakaria & M. Mohsin

Religious practices in delinquents
M.A. Malik, A.R. Zakaria & A.M. Sulaiman

Mental health literacy among undergraduate students in selected universities in Malaysia
R.A.M. Jaladin, N.K. Yun & I.H.A. Tharbe

Anti bias education practice in pre-school education in rural Malaysia
A. Kadir, M.Md. Nor, F. Hutagalung & J. Chee

Do we have salt & pepper on the table? (teaching style & learning style importance)
R. Nadarajan, Z. Naimie & R.A. Abuzaid

Identifying motivation factors of the participation of local community in tourism industry in National Park, Pahang, Malaysia
M.R. Noorhayati, I.M. Hasmadi, H.Z. Pakhriazad & A.K. Wahidin

Best practices with revenue sharing authentic assessment of preschool students’
learning problems
R.M. Rasul & M. Zagan

Business & economics

The role of the branding strategies in the promotion of Vladimir region (Russia)
M.V. Roberts & A.V. Baikov

Formation of methodological approach to evaluation of the national innovative environment
R. Fedosova, B. Kheyfits & M. Ilyina

A practical approach to modeling of regional state support system for small business development
Y.V. Kuznetsov, N.M. Filimonova & R.N. Fedosova

The evaluation of physical and environmental factors in low-cost housing
W.R.A. Jiram, A.A. Bujang, I.A. Zairuslan & H.A. Zarin

An investigation into Thai tourists’ preferences of tourism domains: A case study of Chiang Mai province, Thailand
T. Kamnardsiri, N. Choosri, P. Sureephong & A. Lbath

Empirical evaluation of Gen Y housing affordability
W.R.A. Jiram, A.A. Bujang, H.A. Zarin & F.H.M. Anuar

Local revitalization through the local food system focused on Wanju, Korea
J.-Y. Kim

Effect of environmental knowledge and concern toward attitude of green home buyers’ intention in Surabaya
M. Wijayaningtyas, I. Sipan & C.W. Wai

Investigating the required competencies of valuation surveying graduates
W.R.A. Jiram, A.A. Bujang & H.A. Zarin

The music licensing supply chain: The new demands of a new market
M.P. Oliveira, A.J.R.R. Carmo, M.A. Duarte & L. Baumworcel

The experience of teaching the nurses: Insights for developing an educational nursing management software
L.H. Loureiro, A. Scavarda, M.M.V.N. Cardoso, I.C. da Silva, T. Tonini & L. Baumworcel

Patient-centered lean process: A strategic implementation
L. Baumworcel, A.L. Matheus Junior, L.B. Sartore & A. Scavarda

The economic crises and the Brazilian healthcare system
L. Baumworcel & A. Scavarda

The fundamental of housing affordability and affordable houses: A review
N. Azmi, A.A. Bujang, W.R.A. Jiram & H.A. Zarin

Design of Knowledge Management System to support research activities at university
M. Dachyar, M.B.N. Alam & N.R. Pratama

Improvement of procurement business process (procure-to-pay) in Indonesian shipping company
M. Dachyar & B. Praharani

Impact of service quality on customer satisfaction in low cost airline service in Indonesia
M. Dachyar & M.R. Siva

A study to improve Enterprise Resources Planning post-implementation in Indonesian industries
M. Dachyar & Y. Prawira

An implementation model for the healthcare sustainability
C.M.L. Machado, A. Scavarda & L. Baumworcel

Monitoring news articles using multi-agent system
D. Derakhshan, S. Christensen, M. Larsen & N. Memon

Developer’s perspective on communication issues in prototype model (case study: Warehouse management system of local agency for disaster management)
N.W. Rahayu

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Dr. Ford Lumban Gaol received his B.Sc. in Mathematics, Master of Computer Science, and his Doctorate in Computer Science from the University of Indonesia, in 1997, 2001 and 2009, respectively. He is currently Associate Professor Informatics Engineering andInformation System, Bina Nusantara University, Indonesia. He is the Vice Chair of Ph.D. Program and Research Interest Group Leader "Advance System in Computational Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering" (Intel- Sys) Bina Nusantara University. Dr. Ford is the officer of IEEE Indonesia section for International and Professional Activities. He is the Chair SERSC: Science and Engineering Research Support Society Indonesia Section. Dr. Ford was the ACM Indonesia Chapter Chair and is involved in several projects related to Technology Alignment in several multinational companies such as Astra, United Tractors, Telkom, Sony Erickson. Dr. Ford was Visiting Professor to Hong Kong University in 2011, and to the Kazan Federal University 2014-2015.