1st Edition

L. T. Hobhouse His Life and Work

By J. A. Hobson, Morris Ginsberg Copyright 1931

    First published in 1931, L. T. Hobhouse is an amalgamation of the late social philosopher L. T. Hobhouse’s personal life and academic work. The first part of this volume is a brief biography by Mr. J. A. Hobson, with added impressions by personal friends and colleagues. It is followed by an account of his philosophy and sociology written by Professor Morris Ginsberg, his pupil and successor at the London School of Economics. Third section consists of some collected essays illustrative of his various capacities and interests. This book will be of interest to students of philosophy and sociology.

    Preface Introduction L. T. Hobhouse: A Memoir 1. School and College Days 2. Manchester and Early London Life 3. The "Tribune" and After 4. 1914 and After 5. General Reflections 6. Other Aspects of his Life The Work of L. T. Hobhouse 7. Introductory 8. Comparative Psychology 9. Sociology 10. Ethics and Social Philosophy 11. Theory of Knowledge 12. Theory of Reality 13. Conclusion Selected Articles and Essays Index


    J. A. Hobson and Morris Ginsberg