1st Edition

LBGTQ+ Crime and Victimization

Edited By Frances P. Bernat Copyright 2023

    This book provides research and analysis on an understudied topic: the LBGTQ+ community as victims and offenders. Most publications focus on LBGTQ+ history and the community's movement towards equality and acceptance in society and in law. A focus on how the criminal justice system victimizes and marginalizes LBGTQ+ persons is needed. Consequently, this work includes chapters on members of the LBGTQ+ community who work in the criminal justice system, forced sexual orientation efforts, transgender legal concerns, LBGTQ+ persons who are arrested and imprisoned, and online dating hate crimes. International scholars provide their individual stories about being gay, bisexual or lesbian and working as a police or correctional officer. Other international contributors explain their research on crime and how the law and criminal justice community does not provide LBGTQ+ persons with protection or support as offenders or victims. This book will of interest to researchers and advanced students of Criminology, Sociology, Law, and Gender Studies. It was originally published as a special issue of the journal Women & Criminal Justice.

    Introduction: The LBGTQ+ Community and Criminal Justice

    Frances P. Bernat

    1. Confronting Oppression: Reframing Need and Advancing Responsivity for LGBTQ+ Youth and Young Adults

    Krystal Roig-Palmer and Faith E. Lutze

    2. Hate Hurts: Exploring the Impact of Online Hate on LGBTQ+ Young People

    Rachel Keighley

    3. Gay Dating Platforms, Crimes, and Harms in India: New Directions for Research and Theory

    Rahul Sinha-Roy and Matthew Ball

    4. "Missing and Missed": Failures of the Bruce McArthur Investigation and the Ongoing Victimization of Toronto’s Rainbow Streets

    V. Bragagnolo

    5. Workplace Experiences of Lesbian and Bisexual Female Police Officers in the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary

    Sulaimon Giwa, Roddrick A. Colvin, Rosemary Ricciardelli, and Amanda P. Warren

    6. Surviving the Landings: An Autoethnographic Account of Being a Gay Female Prison Officer (in an Adult Male Prison in England)

    Sarah Nixon

    7. From Victimization to Incarceration: Transgender Women in Costa Rica

    Gloriana Rodriguez Alvarez and Alejandro Fernandez Muñoz

    8. Litigation on Gender Confirmation Surgery and Hormonal Therapy among Trans Women Prisoners: Views from the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals

    Claire Nolasco Braaten and Michael S. Vaughn

    9. No Such Thing as Acceptable Sexual Orientation Change Efforts: An International Human Rights Analysis

    Sonia Boulos and César González-Cantón

    10. Exploring How Gender and Sex Are Measured in Criminology and Victimology: Are We Measuring What We Say We Are Measuring?

    Courtney A. Crittenden, Hannah C. Gateley, Christina N. Policastro, and Karen McGuffee

    11. Comparing the Gay and Trans Panic Defenses

    W. Carsten Andresen


    Frances P. Bernat (JD, PhD) is a Texas A&M System Regents Professor, and Emerita at Arizona State University. She is nationally and internationally known for her scholarship which involves the interplay between law and criminal justice: immigration, criminal law and procedure, cybercrime, human sex trafficking, and youth deviance and resilience.