1st Edition

Land Use Intensification Effects on Agriculture, Biodiversity, and Ecological Processes

Edited By David Lindenmayer, Saul Cunningham, Andrew Young Copyright 2012
    166 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    By 2050, the global population of humans is predicted to increase by 35%. Approximately 70% more food may be required, and this will take place against a backdrop of 15-40% land degradation. This book examines land use intensification and biodiversity conservation and its impacts. It also discusses whether suites of species, and/or functional groups of taxa will either benefit or suffer from land use intensification and whether it is possible to make robust predictions of biotic responses across landscapes, regions, and continents.

    Land Use Intensification - A Challenge for Humanity
    General Themes and Principles
    Combining Biodiversity Conservation with Agricultural Intensification
    Managing Biodiversity in Agricultural Landscapes: Perspectives From a Research-Policy Interface
    Intensive Farming and its Role in Wildlife Conservation: Routes to Squaring the Circle?

    Specific Case Studies
    Land-Use Changes Imperil Southeast Asian Biodiversity
    How Agricultural Intensification Threatens Temperate Grassy Woodlands
    Mitigating Land Use Intensification in the Endemic-Rich Hotspots of Southern Africa and Western Indian Ocean
    Land Use Intensification, Small Landholder, and Biodiversity Conservation: Perspectives from the Eastern Himalayas
    Riches to Rags: The Ecological Consequences of Land-Use Intensification in New Zealand
    Land Use Intensification and the Status of Focal Species in Managed Forest Landscapes of New Brunswick, Canada
    Land Use Intensification Impacts on Biodiversity in the Mallee/Wheat Landscape of Central·NSW
    Ecological Responses of Australian Grassy Woodland and Shrubland Ecosystems to Agricultural Intensification: Lessons From Long-Term, Multispecies, Multi-Biome Studies
    Land Use Intensification in Natural Forest Settings. Intensification of Coffee Production and its Biodiversity Consequences

    General Discussion
    Perspectives on Land Use Intensification and Biodiversity Conservation


    David Lindenmayer, Saul Cunningham, Andrew Young