1st Edition

Language Hunting in the Karakoram

By E. O. Lorimer Copyright 1939
    316 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1939, Language Hunting in the Karakoram describes the journey taken by the author to the regions of Gilgit-Baltistan, Kashmir, and Karakoram, and details the author’s experiences when she resided in Hunza with her husband, Lieutenant-Colonel D. L. Lorimer, while he was investigating the Burushaski language. It gives an account of the author’s day-to-day experiences during her stay for fourteen months in 1934–35, and her impressions of the Hunzukuts and their culture, whom she describes as hospitable and delightful people. The book contains excellent photographic plates.

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    Part 1: Preliminary  1. The hunt is up  2. Gilgit apprenticeship  3. Practical value of vernaculars  4. At home  5. A dream comes true  6. East again  7. Halt in Kashmir  Part 2: The Journey  8. Off at last  9. Entering Gilgit Agency  10. Towards Gilgit  11. The last lap  Part 3: Life in Hunza  12. Settling in  13. Housekeeping problems  14. First walks abroad  15. Illness calls a halt  16. Home life at no. I  17. Land and houses in Hunza  18. September harvest  19. Harvest thanksgiving  20. Hunza babies  21. Hunza crafts  22. Marriage in Hunza  23. Winter and the “Great Cold”  24. Barley sowing and “Starvation Springtime”  25. Learning an unknown language  26. Digression to Yasin  27. The first of the harvest  28. Finalities  


    E. O. Lorimer was an Anglo-Irish journalist, linguist, political analyst, and writer.