Laser Spectroscopy : Techniques and Applications book cover
1st Edition

Laser Spectroscopy
Techniques and Applications

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ISBN 9780824792657
Published September 1, 1994 by CRC Press
320 Pages

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Book Description

This work describes experimental techniques using laser spectroscopy and presents specific practical applications for this technology in many fields, including physics, engineering, chemistry, medicine and bioscience. The general spectroscopic features of molecules are delineated; transition metal and rare earth complexes are examined; and transition selection rules are explained.

Table of Contents



Interaction of Light with Molecules - An Overview

Overview of molecular energy levels

Transition selection rules and spectra

Selection rules




Fluorescence anisotropy

Raman scattering

Selection rules

Intermolecular energy transfer

Transition metals and rare earths

d-d transitions

The ligand field

f-f transitions

General principles of laser operation

Concluding remarks

Components of Spectroscopic Instrumentation

Absorption spectrophotometers


Synchronous luminescence spectroscopy

Components of spectroscopic instrumentation

The light source

Monochromator gratings

Photomultiplier tubes


Signal processing electronics

The lock-in amplifier

The photon counter

The boxcar average

Light modulators

The acousto-optic modulator

The electro-optic modulator

Imaging devices

Optical multichannel analyzers

Image intensifiers

Concluding remarks

Adsorption-Based Laser Spectroscopy

Modified absorption techniques with lasers

Differential absorption

Differential absorption LIDAR (DIAL)

Methane sensing at ground level

Intracavity absorption-based techniques

Concluding remarks

Photoluminescence Intensity-Based Laser Spectroscopy

Modified fluorescence techniques with lasers

Laser fluorescence spectroscopy applications

Aging of power transmission cable insulation

Laser applications in criminology

Miscellaneous luminescence intensity-based applications

Pump-probe techniques

Confocal scanning

Intracellular calcium ion concentration measurement in biochemistry/biomedicine

Concluding remarks

Photoluminescence Life-Time-Based Laser Spectroscopy

Time-domain techniques

Boxcar average-type techniques

Pule-sampling techniques

Deconvolution of luminescence and instrument response

Frequency-domain techniques

Pump-probe techniques

Applications of time-domain techniques involving long lifetimes

High-temperature laser thermometry

Lime temperature measurement in paper manufacture

Time-resolved fingerprint detection

Biomedical applications

Applications of time-domain techniques involving short lifetimes

Time-domain fluorescence microscopy imaging in biochemistry/biomedicine

Applications of frequency-domain techniques

Frequency-domain fluorescence microscopy imaging in biochemistry/biomedicine

Applications of pump-probe techniques

Concluding remarks

Laser Raman Spectroscopy

Spontaneous Raman scattering


Resonance Raman scattering

Applications of resonance Raman scattering

Surface-enhanced Raman scattering

Applications of surface-enhanced Raman scattering

Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering

CARS for combustion diagnostics

Miscellaneous nonlinear Raman techniques

Concluding remarks

Selected Applications of Laser Spectroscopy

Laser spectroscopy in shock dynamics

Large-scale optical memories

The two-photon photorefractive approach

3-D voxel memory based on two-photon processes

Photon echo and hole burning memories

Related research

Laser spectroscopy applications in medicine

Photodynamic therapy

Tissue identification and ablation

Laser lithotripsy of biliary calculi

Laser spectroscopy in analytical chemistry

Selective determination of gases

Trace detection of metals

Detection of amino acids


Laser spectroscopy applications to semiconductors

Semiconductor fluorescence mapping

Control of wafer etching

Isotope separation

Concluding remarks

Selected Spectroscopic Techniques

Multidimensional fluorescence spectroscopy

Modulation-type spectroscopies

Thermal modulation spectroscopy

Electric field modulation spectroscopy

Optically detected magnetic resonance

Photoacoustic spectroscopy

Photothermal (thermal lensing) spectroscopy

Circular dichrosim spectroscopy

Polarization spectroscopy

Frequency modulation spectroscopy

Doppler-free spectroscopies

Spectroscopy with collimated molecular beams

Spectroscopy with supersonic beams

Two-photon spectroscopy

Site selection spectroscopies

Hole burning

Persistent hole burning and holographic data storage

Dilution narrowing

Photon burst spectroscopy

Multiphoton ionization

Evanescent wave-excited fluorescence


Near-field microscopy

Shpol`skii matrix spectroscopy

Room-temperature phosphorescence

Concluding remarks

Lasers and Emerging Spectroscopies

Tunable mid-infrared lasers

Color-center lasers

Optical parametric oscillators

Ring lasers

Generation of ultrashort pulses

Regenerative amplifiers

On x-ray laser prospects

Background on x-rays

Stimulated x-ray emission in crystals

Concluding remarks


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". . .presents[s] a collection of interesting applications for laser spectroscopy with a particular concentration on unusual applications. There are nearly 100 examples described. . . .of most interest to chemists, but there is much in [the book] that applies to physicists and engineers as well. "
---Journal of the American Chemical Society