1st Edition

Late Saxon and Viking Art

By T.D. Kendrick Copyright 1949

    Late Saxon and Viking Art (1949) is a lavishly-illustrated examination of the art of the Saxon era – the carvings, sculpture, illustrations, drawings and paintings that emerged from the Anglo-Saxon and Viking cultures.

    1. Winchester Illumination: the Main Development  2. Winchester Illumination: the Scientific Books  3. Winchester Illumination: Initials  4. The Inhabited Scroll  5. Sculpture: West Saxon Figure-Carvings  6. Sculpture: Northumbrian Styles  7. Sculpture: Round-Shafts of North Mercia  8. Sculpture: Danish Mercia and the Anglian Styles  9. Sculpture: London and Essex  10. Viking Art: the Jellinge Style  11. Viking Art: the Ringerike Style  12. Viking Art: the Urnes Style  13. The Norman Conquest and After: Manuscripts  14. The Norman Conquest and After: Sculpture


    T.D. Kendrick