1st Edition

Latin America's International Relations and Their Domestic Consequences War and Peace, Dependence and Autonomy,

By Jorge I Dominguez Copyright 1994

    First Published in 1994. Volume 6 in the 7-volume series titled Essays on Mexico, Central and South America: Scholarly Debates from the 1950s to the 1990s. The central scholarly articles concern interstate peace along with a U.S. propensity to intervene, and international structural vulnerabilities and economic asymmetries along with the significance of elite skills and choices. This title recognises that scholars have paid more attention to international economics in Latin America and seeks to balance the range study.

    Introduction, The Balance of Power in Nineteenth-Century South America: An Exploratory Essay, Economics and Differential Patterns of Political Integration: Projections about Unity in Latin America, The Structure of Dependence, The Rise and the Decline of Latin American Economic Integration, Manipulating International Commodity Markets: Brazilian Coffee Policy 1906 to 1962, Dependency: A Critical Synthesis of the Literature, Petroleum Policy in Venezuela: Lessons in the Politics of Dependence Management, Multinationals, State-owned Corporations, and the Transformation of Imperialism: A Brazilian Case Study, Consensus and Divergence: The State of the Literature on Inter-American Relations in the 1970s, Interstate Conflict Behavior and Regional Potential for Conflict in Latin America, State Institutions, Ideology, and Autonomous Technological Development: Computers and Nuclear Energy in Argentina and Brazil, The Debt Crisis: Structural Explanations of Country Performance, Classes, Sectors, and Foreign Debt in Latin America, The United States and Latin America in the 1960s, World Economic Cycles and Central American Political Instability, Preempting Revolutions: The Boundaries of U.S. Influence, Acknowledgments


    Dominguez, Jorge I