1st Edition

Leadership for Mental Wellbeing in the Secondary School Implementing Whole School Strategies

By Shirley Billson Copyright 2022
    124 Pages
    by Speechmark

    124 Pages
    by Speechmark

    Leadership for Mental Wellbeing in the Secondary School is an introduction to a set of simple shifts you can enact to make your work more rewarding, and your school a flagship of excellence.

    Full of practical tools and proven strategies this book draws on a combination of research and experience to empower you to make confident changes on your own terms that are suitable for you and the unique circumstances of your school.

    No matter what stage of your career, this book will help you:

    • influence disenchanted and overloaded teaching staff to feel motivated and valued again (and improve the budgetary bottom line in the process)
    • increase pupil confidence and resilience, preventing deeper mental health problems down the line
    • practise bold leadership and deliver on what you really came into teaching for – preparing rounded, confident, individuals for life

    Emphasising whole-person and whole-school approaches, this book is for any school leader looking to transform how they, their staff and their students feel about and cope with the day-to-day challenges and demands placed upon them.

    1. The way it is: a cauldron for chronic stress  2. Time for change  3. Doing your best?  4. Winning Strategies


    Shirley Billson has spent more than a decade helping anxious young people and adults to overcome mental obstacles and thrive. She speaks regularly on topics including courage and motivation and how to challenge accepted norms to build self-esteem. She founded the Mental Wealth Factory in 2018 to support secondary schools and teens under pressure. However, since identifying the surprising parallels between anxiety in puberty and anxiety in midlife, since 2020, she has dedicated the majority of her time to providing therapeutic coaching to adults in midlife and menopause through Menopause Anxiety Freedom.